The Worlds First Water Man Using No CGI by Gatorade

how gatorade create the first water man

"When you sweat you lose more than water. That's why GATORADE create an active water with electrolytes" by GATORADE
Note: The video (final result) is below the article

COLE PAVIOUR (Director): The First thing we had to do is figure out how we can actually make a 3d water character, suspended in the air and freeze that, but the technology doesn't exist before, it was a new thing, so we had to create that from scratch.

PATRIC THURSBY (SFX Supervisor): We had to think if we can or can not produce droplets quick enough in sequence, in order to build this image up of a real person.

The problem was resolved through series of two and a half thousand switches, that turning ON and OFF within two milliseconds, Then we're using the flash to freeze the water droplets, at a very precise moment in space, and we're having to do that with millimeter and microsecond accuracy; After that we use high technology DSLR cameras with motion capture to make this water character comes into life, that information gets turned into something that the rain rig is able to process, so it tells each nozzle when to turn ON and when to turn OFF.

So, every time the motion control sends, a camera sink and flash the water who flopped at the precise moment in time, so the water route is dropping a frame-by-frame animation in almost an impossible manner.

The Final Result:

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