The Only Nikon D5200 Lenses Guide You Will Ever Need

Lenses for Nikon D5200
Finally the search for a comprehensive guide for your Nikon D5200 camera lenses ends here. I have covered the various types of lenses that are compatible with the Nixon DX camera like the wide angle, telephoto, macro, zoom, fisheye lens and also the zoom and prime lens. I have also included the some must have lens accessories.

Guide to Tripod For Nikon D3300 D3200 and D3100 [9 Tripods reviewed]

Nikon D3300 D3200 Tripod
Owning and using a Nikon D3300 / D3200 can be very exciting and challenging. Getting those perfect shots can really make your day. In order to ensure those pictures come out perfectly, without any shake, you need a tripod. It is a simple instrument that can make a huge difference to your entire photography experience.

13 Must Have Accessories for Nikon D5100 D5200 D5300 D5500 - Ultimate Guide

Article: Nikon DX Accessories    Research: 32 Hours    Written by: BenoThePhotographer

Everything you need to know about the accessories for your Nikon D5100 D5200 D5300 D5500 like battery, lenses, case, bag, Wi-Fi, memory card, flash, bundle, kit, tripod, filter, mic.

31 Important Canon t3i Accessories & Gadgets That You Must Have

Article: Canon T3i Accessories    Research: 24 Hours    Written by: BenoThePhotographer

Discover This Awesome List Of 13 Accessories For Canon t3i That Assure Protection

There are a number of accessories for Canon t3i, but not all of them are an absolute necessity to get the best out of your camera. Here in this article a list of the 13 best accessories are reviewed and explained in detail, to help you decide what you really need for your DSLR.

Guide To Canon t3i Accessories 13 Must Have Pieces


When you own the Canon t3i, you can’t wait to start clicking photos of everything around you. If you have considered buying the various Canon t3i accessories, you must have realised how many are there in the market and faced a bit of confusion. Here is a list of 13 Canon rebel t3i accessories that you should absolutely consider buying, so that you get the best out of your camera. Split into different categories, this article will make it easier for you to know more about them.

I. Essential Canon t3i Accessories 

When you buy a canon DSLR, it is not just the body of the camera that helps you get those amazing photos. You need the perfect lens to capture the perfect images. Without the additional lenses, you can still use the view finder and click photos. A memory card and battery are essential to ensure you can keep clicking and saving without any interruptions.

1. Canon t3i Lenses

The best part about investing in a DSLR is that you can keep changing and upgrading your lenses depending on your needs. There are different types of lenses for different photographical needs.
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We will cover more accessories for lenses, below in this post.

2. Power

Like any camera, your Canon t3i also comes with a good battery, however a DSLR consumes a lot of power for the great quality photos it clicks. It is always better to carry at least an extra battery for backup. You never know when your camera will run out of power and you don’t want to be stuck with a dead battery in the middle of your shoot.

A. Canon t3i Battery (Extra Or Replacement Battery)

Looking for an extra battery for Canon t3i? You can go for the Canon LP-E8 battery pack which is an original battery from Canon for its Rebel T2i and t3i DSLR models. Another alternate is the Wasabi power battery that comes as a pack of 2. Both are great for your Canon t3i, whether you want to replace the existing battery or have a spare one.

B. Canon t3i Charger

You need a Canon t3i battery charger to charge your batteries as and when required. The Canon replacement LC-E8E quick charger (Free Shipping), charges your camera battery in no time, without causing any damage to the battery.

C. Canon t3i AC Adapter

When you want continuous and uninterrupted power supply for your DSLR, you need the right AC adapter that is compatible with your camera, so that there are no damages. An adapter that is compatible with a few models is always better, as you don’t have to buy a separate adapter for each camera.

D. Canon t3i Battery Grip (Extended Battery)

Canon t3i Battery Grip Extended Battery

Why carry around multiple batteries in a separate pouch for your camera when you can carry it along with your camera itself? The Canon t3i battery grip allows you to carry two batteries at the same time, thereby giving you double the life without you having to change the battery midway.

3. Stockage

When you have a DSLR, you have the freedom to click photos with higher resolution that can be blown up for your hoardings and other uses. Bigger the photo, larger is the space occupied in the memory of your camera. The images on the Canon t3i can occupy anywhere between 1.1mb to 6.4mb of memory, depending on the resolution settings.

A. Canon t3i Memory Card Compatibility (More Stockage With 64gb 32gb SD Card)

Canon t3i Memory Card Compatibility

The Professional SDHC memory card can enable you to store photos amounting to 256GB of space. This is the fastest memory card ever as your images from this card can be transferred at 95MB/s. This high speed saves you a lot of time and enables you to get the job done faster.
Buy*Recommended: Pro SDHC Memory Card by Lexar (15% & Free Shipping)

More Memory Card Accessories

B. USB 3.0 SDHC  Card reader

USB 3.0 SDHC  Card reader

The Pro USB 3.0 card reader is very fast, supports SDHC, SDXC, micro SDHC and micro SDXC formats. There is an LED light to indicate when the transfer is happening and it is compatible with both 3.0 and 2.0 USB.
Buy*Recommended: Transcend Pro USB 3.0 Card Reader (49% OFF & Free Shipping)

C. Memory Card Wallet

Memory Card Wallet

When you are a serious photographer, you cannot afford to go around with just a single memory card. Multiple cards will ensure your shoot can go on as long as you like. Rather than carrying these memory cards loose in your bag, get yourself a memory card wallet that has 22 slots. It is both static and water repellent, thus ensuring the safety of your photos in those cards.
Buy: MC Case (27% OFF)

II. Secondary But Recommended Accessories For Canon t3i

1. Canon t3i Wi-Fi Adapter (Wi-Fi SD Card or Eyefi Card)

Canon t3i Wi-Fi Adapter

Why waste time by connecting your SD card to your laptop or computer, to transfer all those photos you clicked? With the Eyefi Mobi 8GB SDHC card, you can transfer all those photos to the system or your iPhone as you click them. Saves a lot of time and its instant backup! In addition to this you even get a 90 day Eyefi cloud membership with this Canon t3i Wi-Fi adapter.

2. Canon t3i Wireless Remote Control (Shutter Release)

Canon t3i Wireless Remote Control Shutter Release

When you get that perfect focus for a photo, many of those shots get ruined due to the shake caused when you click. To avoid this you need a Canon t3i remote that will enable you to click photos without having to touch your camera. The Amazon basics wireless remote control has low price and a range of 10 feet and is compatible with most of the Canon DSLRs.

3. Canon t3i Self timer (Known As Intervalometer)

canon t3i self timer Intervalometer

Control the shutter speed of your DSLR without having to adjust anything on your camera. The Neewer LCD timer shutter release remote control is compatible with a number of Canon DSLRs including the t3i. Though the LCD backlight is obvious only when the lighting is not bright, this timer can help you time your clicks with set intervals.

4. Canon t3i Tripod

Canon t3i Tripod

Your DSLR is not one of the lightest cameras and when you have to wait for a long period of time to get those perfect shots, you can’t afford to keep carrying that heavy camera in your hand. This will not only tire your hand but will also cause shake due to the weight and tiredness. Get yourself a Canon t3i tripod that is light and easy to carry around, which is important in this field.

A. Canon t3i Monopod

Canon t3i Monopod

Sometimes the space in your bag or on the ground is not wide enough for three legs of the tripod. In such a situation a monopod is always as it gives you the same stability but occupies lesser space and weighs lesser too.

B. Canon t3i Gimbal

Canon t3i Gimbal

When you want to record a video or take photos of everything around you, a Gimbal is always a better option than you holding the camera and moving around. The handheld or mountable device will allow you to cover all angles without affecting the photos due to shakes.
Buy: DSLR Gimbal (Different Models and Designs) 

5. Full Protection For Canon t3i Camera (Case/ Bag/ Screenglass....)

There are a number of other accessories that are a must to ensure the safety of your camera. When you carry your camera around, you need some extra items to ensure your camera does not get damaged.

A. Canon t3i Travel Water Proof Case (Backpack)

Canon t3i Travel Water Proof Case backpack

When you are on the move to click some of the best photos, you cannot be prepared enough. The weather may not be on your side and the last thing you want is for your camera to get wet and spoilt. A water proof travel backpack from Amazon basics can hold 2 smaller DSLRs, 3 or 4 lenses and other accessories. Now you can carry all your photography items in a single bag that will keep them all safe even from water.
Buy*Recommended: DSLR backpack by AB (#1 Best Seller & 10% OFF)

B. Canon t3i Carrying Small Case (Bag)

Canon t3i Carrying Small Case Bag

When you don’t require more than one camera and its lens, you need a bag that is small and compact. Get a small case that can fit in just one camera and can be worn on your shoulder or looped to your belt. It is compact and highly convenient.
Buy: Camera Case By Logic (5 Stars & 41% OFF)

C. Canon t3i Leather Hard Case

leather case

Leather always reeks of style and sophistication. Carry a stylish leather hard case that will not only look good on you but can also protect your camera from a number of elements.
Buy: Leather case for T3i (30% OFF - SAVE $10.80)

D. Canon t3i Underwater Housing

Canon t3i Underwater Housing

Underwater photography has gained a lot of attention and importance these days, thanks to the development in technology that enables you to use your cameras underwater. When your camera is not designed for underwater use, the Ikelite 6801.33 underwater camera housing is what you need to get those photos underwater, with the camera you currently own. The seamless casing ensures your camera is safe and not water enters the casing.

E. Canon t3i Underwater Dry Bag

Canon t3i Underwater Dry Bag

Protect your Canon t3i from water, dust, snow and even dirt with an underwater dry bag. This bag can protect your camera for up to 35 meters in the water and all the knobs are easily accessible, thus ensuring your camera usability is not compromised.
Buy: Dry Bag for T3i

F. Protective Pouch Set For Lenses

Protective Pouch Set For Lenses

The thick neoprene pouch set from Altura photo comes in a pack of four, 3, 2 and even 1; and is water resistant. It can protect your lenses from water, moisture, dust etc, which is essential to ensure your photos are spotless. It also has a fibre cloth to clean the lenses and the bag can be easily attached to your belt or bag.

G. Canon t3i Screen Protector (Glass Protector)

Canon t3i Screen Protector Glass Protector

The screen of your camera can easily get scratched when you leave in a different bag or use dirty hands on it. To ensure your screen does not get damaged, use the Canon t3i screen protector and enjoy a clear view of what you are going to click.

H. Canon t3i View Finder (Cover)

When you are clicking photos using your viewfinder, in broad daylight, the sunlight can really play havoc with your photos. With a view finder cover, you can reduce the light that falls on your lens and can also use it during long exposure shots. This will prevent leakage of light on to your lenses.
Buy: Canon t3i View Finder Cover

I. Canon t3i Hand/ Neck & Shoulder Strap

dslr neck strap

It is not always practical to carry around that heavy DSLR of yours, in your hand. With a shoulder/ hand strap, you can not only wear your camera as you move around, you hands are free for other works too.

J. Gripd Strap

Gripd Strap

Have you worried about your DSLR slipping out of your hand when you are reaching for a better angled shot? With a Gripd Strap, you can forget that worry as you can secure the camera to your hand and stabilise both your photos and videos. The padding ensures your hand doesn’t even when it is used for a prolonged period of time.

K. Camera Skin 

camera skin

Cameras can always get scratched and damaged when used regularly as you are bound to put them down or move around not looking where your hand is actually going. Buy a Camera Skin and protect your DSLR from such scratches and bumps and lengthen the life of your camera.

L. Stretchy Wrap

Stretchy Wrap

Carrying your camera bag or case is not always possible. In such cases, use the Stretchy Wrap that will fit your Canon t3i snugly and protect it from scratches and dust.

M. Rain Cover

rain cover

When you are out in unpredictable weather for a photo shoot, it is a smart move to use a rain cover to protect your DSLR from the rain and proceed with your shoot. Don’t let the weather come in the way.
Buy*Recommended: Rain Cover for DSLR Camera (#1 Best Seller & 35% OFF)

6. DSLR Lighting Accessories

No matter what camera you own, you can get the perfect photos only if the lighting is in your favour. Instead of waiting forever to get the perfect light naturally, use accessories to get the desired lighting effect.

A. Canon t3i Flash (External Flash Attachment)

canon t3i external flash

Have you noticed red eye and overly bright photos are what you mostly get when you use your camera flash on the subject directly?  Also, the inbuilt flash is not always sufficient when you are in the dark. The Canon t3i flash from Altura Photo is a wireless flash that can light up, up to 100ft. It can be used both manually and automatically and the large LCD screen enables you to see various settings.
Buy*Recommended: Pro Flash Kit Canon T3i (44% OFF - SAVE $55.00)

B. Canon t3i Flash Diffuser (Soft Box)

Canon t3i Flash Diffuser

A flash diffuser, as the name suggests will diffuse the light that comes off the flash and make the lighting softer, thus enabling you to click better and sober photos. You can go in for a big or even a small diffuser, depending on your requirements.

C. Light Reflector

Light Reflector

Use the naturally available light to get quality photos. Use a light reflector in different shades such as silver, gold, etc, to suit your needs. These reflectors can change the mood of your photos.
Buy: 43 inch 5 in 1 Light Reflectors (#1 Best Seller)

7. Canon t3i mic (External Microphone)

When you are recording a video with sound, you need a good quality mic to ensure the audio is loud and clear. The internal mic that comes with your t3i is not very good and you can really benefit from using Rode VMGO Video Mic, which is light and can be mounted on to your camera and used without any battery.

8. Digital SLR Cleaning Accessories

pro cleaning accessories

To ensure your photos are spotless and perfect, your camera has to be maintained well and cleaned properly. Any dust or spots on your lens can transfer the same to the photos, thus ruining them. There are various cleaning accessories like the cleaning tissue, lens brush, micro fibre cloths, that can keep your lens very clean. You can even use the lens cleaning pen or the spray bottle to clean all the dirt off your lens.
Buy: Pro cleaning Kit (#1 best Seller & 40% OFF)

9. DSLR Cables

Whether you want or transfer photos or view them on a different device, you need cables.

A. Canon t3i USB Cable (Transfer Cable)

Buy USB cable for canon t3i cannot only help you transfer photos from your camera to the computer in very little time, it can also be used to charge your camera, when it is plugged into any device with a USB port.

B. HDMI Cable

Want to look at those brilliant photos and videos on high quality or on your TV? Buy a HDMI cable and connect your camera to the TV and you can view everything on the big screen.

10. Lenses Accessories

A. Canon t3i Lens Cap (Cover)

Canon t3i Lens Cap Cover

When you are not using the camera, even if it is just for a few minutes, keep your lens safe by using a cover to protect it.
Buy: Lens cap

B. Canon t3i Filter (UV, Polarizing, Colourful Filters)

Canon t3i Filter UV, Polarizing, Colourful Filters

Using filters can enhance the mood of your photo instantly. Different filters can lend different moods and effects to your photos. Worry not, for filters of good quality will not affect the quality of your photos.
Buy: Lens Filters

C. Canon t3i Extension Tube

Canon t3i Extension Tube

When you can’t get closer the subject, extend your camera’s reach by Buying Extension Tubes. These will only get you closer to the subject and will not affect the optical quality. Tubes with various specifications are available for varied needs.

D. Canon t3i Lens Hood

Canon t3i Lens Hood

When you are shooting outdoors in broad daylight, too much light on your lens will change the quality of your photo. It can even ruin it and prevent you from getting some perfect shots. Get a lens hood and reduce the light that hits the lens when you click. This way you can control the light exposure for your photos.
Buy: Lens Hood

11. Learning & Tutos

A. Books: Canon t3i For Dummies

Canon t3i For Dummies

The Canon t3i has a sea of features which can be used to click some of the best photographs. What is the use in having it all when you don’t know how to use it efficiently? Get yourself the Book Canon t3i For Dummies (*Recommended) and learn how to operate the camera properly.

B. Canon t3i Tips And Tricks Cheat Sheet Cards

Canon t3i Tips And Tricks Cheat Sheet Cards

You can’t always remember every settings and knobs in your Canon t3i. The reference card from Blue Crane Digital is just perfect as it is laminated and can be left at the bottom of your camera bag, to be used as and when a doubt arises. The Canon DSLR photography tip cards also cover everything you need to know when you want to shoot with your camera. No more wasting time or effort because you couldn’t remember the exact techniques.

C. Online Photography Courses (Tutorials)

Photography is something you should learn practically. A good photography school would be an ideal place to start but not everyone can afford the money or the time. It is for such photo enthusiasts, courses are offered online on photographymasterclass(dot)com by a well known photographer. Learn everything you need to know about DSLRs in a short period without breaking the bank.

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Top 6 Online Photography Courses

12. Backup Solution

dslr backup solution

All of us take backups of our photos on our computers. But are they dependable? What if it crashes and you lose some precious photos that could cost you your career? Buy the 2TB external hard drive from Western Digital and have a safe backup of all your photos.

13. Canon t3i Software

Canon t3i Software

When you have a DSLR, editing those photos is a requirement that goes without saying. The best software available is the adobe lightroom 6 which enables you to use various tools to edit your photo to perfection and share on various social media sites.

One can also enrol into the photo editing course offered by that has 35professional tutorials to help you in various forms of editing.

14. Photography Printing

A good printer should be able to print your photos as good as the original click itself. The Canon PIXMA Pro has 8 different dye based inks and reproduces colours as in the original photos. You can print professional quality photographs at home, of different sizes with this printer.

15. Photography Jobs

When you are a natural photographer, you can show it to the world by taking up various jobs in that field. Take up job courses at and earn from home, by just using your natural talent. Who said you can’t earn through your hobby?

III. Canon t3i Accessories Bundle (Accessory Kit)

canon t3i accessories bundle

You need different accessories for your Canon t3i. While you can buy each of them individually, hunting for them might waste a lot of your time. When you buy the Canon t3i accessories bundle, you not only get everything that is required to maintained your camera, in one package, but you also save a lot of time and money. Put together by professional photographers, it is just a single bundle you need to buy.
Buy: Canon T3i Accessories Bundle (Different types available)

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18 BEST (ZOOM & PRIME) Sony a6000 Lenses (Lens) 100% Compatibility with Any Sony E-mount Camera

Article: Sony alpha a6000 Lenses  Research: 45 Hours  Written by: BenothePhotographer

If you finish reading this article, you will be able to choose the right sony E-Mount lens, that allows you to: take clear and sharp photos at low light (Night), Shot amazing close ups for tiny objects full of details, catch superb action for your fan during sport activities, provide pro portraits for your family, friends or clients, and finally capture breathtaking landscapes.


Which is the BEST lens for Sony a6000 camera?

Mirrorless cameras such as the Sony a6000 let you take extremely high quality pictures and videos without the bulk of a DSLR. These are great options for a beginner and also are compatible with a variety of Sony a6000 lenses to let you explore different types of photography from portraits to landscapes and many more.

As with any new hobby, when you are a beginner in photography, it is very easy to get excited or misguided and make an impulsive buy. Though you have an option to choose multiple lenses for your camera, buying one that is not compatible will not just produce bad quality images but can also be such a waste of your money.

If you own a Sony a6000 mirrorless camera and want to find the right type of Sony a6000 lens for it, then you have come to the right place. This guide will give you everything from the different types of lenses for Sony a6000 that are ideal for sport, portrait, wild life photography and more.  What's even better, you can also choose from some great brands like Tamro and Sigma and help you make a 100% successful purchase, whether you want to buy one online or walk into a store.

In this guide, we strive to give you all the help you will need in finding the right kind of lens for Sony a6000 or any other Sony e-mount camera that you own. So even if you are not planning to buy one now, you can always use this as a guide later when you decide to buy one.

So we recommend that you bookmark this page as you will want to come back to it for reference later. If you find our guide useful, then you could also share it on Facebook, Twitter or other sites, with your friends who may also find it useful.

We will cover section:
  • Chapter One: What You Need to know About Sony E-Mount Lenses
  • Chapter Two: List of the BEST Sony alpha a6000 Lenses According to Photography Types 
  • Chapter 3: Lens Changing Tips
  • Chapter 4: Must Have Accessories For Lenses (Protection, Cleaning…)

Chapter One: What You Need to know About Sony E-Mount Lenses

The great thing about DSLR cameras or mirror-less APS-C cameras is that you can play around with a variety of lenses. So, you can take a great landscape picture that covers the expanse of the Grand Canyon with a wide angle lens or an extremely close-up picture of the little hummingbird with a macro lens or some really captivating videos. The possibilities are almost endless and the good news is that, these lenses are also available to suit different pockets.

Buying lenses other than those that came as a bundle with your camera can seem pretty expensive. But you don’t have to worry as you can also buy extremely affordable lenses from great brands such as Tokina and Sigma. These brands use cost-effective materials to build the lenses without compromising on the quality of the glass used. But nothing can equal the quality and compatibility that you get when you use original Sony lenses for Sony alpha cameras.

A- Are there Different types of Sony a6000 Lenses (Prime VS Zoom)? Simply, Yes

The very first thing you will need to know before you buy a lens is its focal length. This is expressed in millimeters and will either be shown as a single number (E.g. 35mm) or as a range (E.g. 24 - 75mm). A higher focal length means that the scene coverage will be narrower and vice versa.

Now that you understand focal length, you need to know that there are two basic types of lens viz., prime lens and zoom lens. 

Prime lens

Prime lenses has a fixed focal length, say for instance, a Sony 50mm has a 50 mm focal length and hence has an angle of view that is constant. Prime lenses come in a variety of focal lengths to suit different needs. Here are a few points to help you decide if a Sony a6000 Prime lens is the right one for you.

Pros and cons of prime lenses

  • Sharp - You can get sharper pictures and relatively high quality images with a prime lens
  • Size and weight - Lens with larger focal lengths can be larger and bulkier but in general they are not as heavy as zoom lenses
  • Fast - Prime lenses are much faster than zoom lenses
  • Zoom - The only way to achieve a zoom will be to physically get closer to your subject
  • Price - Prime lenses only cost you a third or fourth of the zoom lenses and hence are pocket-friendly, especially for beginners.

Zoom lens

In contrast to prime lenses, a zoom lens allows you to choose a focal length from a wide range. For instance, a Sony a6000 zoom lens that is 70 - 200 mm will let you choose any focal length between 70 mm and 200 mm. Our pros and cons of zoom lenses below will let you decide if they are a better choice for you than the prime lenses.

Pros and cons of zoom lenses

  • Versatile - One zoom lens is everything you will need for all your different photography styles due to their wide range of focal length.
  • Portable - They are easy to carry everywhere as they cut down the need for multiple lenses.
  • Care - As there are no lenses to swap, your lens and the sensor will virtually be dust-free and won't require as much care as prime lenses.
  • Time - Saves the time involved with swapping lenses during your photo shoots.

B- Are there Different types of Sony Lens MOUNT (E mount Vs EF mount)

The Sony a6000 is a mirrorless APS-C camera that uses a smaller sensor to capture the images as opposed to full frame sensors of DSLR cameras. The lenses used on the Sony mirrorless cameras are called E-mount lenses while those used on their full-frame counterparts are called as FE lenses. 

Though these FE lenses are compatible with E mount cameras, you are better off not buying them as FE lenses are not only more expensive, but are also much heavier, counteracting the convenience of using a lightweight mirrorless camera such as the Sony a6000.

Chapter two: List of the BEST Sony alpha a6000 Lenses According to Photography Types:

As a beginner, it can be very confusing to choose the right kind of lens as there are so many different options out there in the market. That is why, we have handpicked only the best ones for you and what's more, we have even classified them based on the photography type so that you don't have to try and crack impossible lens jargon. Simply pick the style you are looking for and the lens that we have recommended under it. It's that simple!

How to get your hands on the perfect Lens for you:

Buying the perfect lens for your Sony a6000 can be a little tricky. Here is a little help:
  • Fix your budget to avoid any impulsive buying.
  • Check the focal length of your existing lens or lenses to avoid buying ones with similar specs. 
  • Pick the photography style of your interest. For e.g. Nature photography.
  • Choose from the list of lenses recommended under your choice of photography style.

1. Sony a6000 Kit Lens 16-50mm Power Zoom

As the name suggests, the 16-50 mm lens is the standard lens that comes bundled with your kit when you buy your camera. It is included by default, as it is a great first lens for beginners to shoot videos and pictures. You can take high quality pictures for all occasions with the 16-50mm.  In case, you did not buy the kit lens, then you are better off buying the Sony 18-200 mm lens which will give you a wider coverage of the focal lengths, but before make your final decision, read this article that talk about 7 benefits of the kit lens, that will make you love it for ever.

Lens nameRatePriceBuy Now
Sony 16-50mm 4.0/5 $348 Low Price

2- Sony 35mm – Must Have lens Sooner or Later

Once you get the hang of your kit lens, your next lens to experiment with would be the Sony 35mm f/1.8 OSS. This is a prime lens, which means the focal length is standard, unlike a zoom lens. But prime lenses are great due to the fact that they have a field of view that is very similar to that of the human eye and thus produce captivating images.

It has a wide aperture of f/1.8 and hence allows you to take blur-free images even under low light conditions. So shooting at night, in birthday parties or concerts won't be a problem at all. Prime lenses are also called as fast lenses as they avoid blur with their fast shutter speeds. 

If you love those pictures with blurred backgrounds that bring the subject in focus to life, then these fast lenses are your best bet as they produce the best 'bokeh' effect. Though these lenses are not cheap, it will be one of those lenses you will hold on forever for the quality images that they produce.

Lens nameRatePriceBuy Now
Sony 35mm 4.6/5 $448 Free shipping – Only 1 left in stock

3. Best Sony a6000 Telephoto lenses (lens)


Simply put, a telephoto lens is one that has a long focal length which means it has a narrower field of view allowing for a magnified image. Unlike regular long focal length lenses, telephoto lenses are shorter by virtue of their design, and hence are great to be used with your compact mirrorless, Sony a6000 camera.

When you buy telephoto lenses for Sony a6000, you will be able to work with a focal range from 55mm to 600mm. If you already have a kit lens, then this will be perfect to cover the rest of the focal length range. They are ideal for shooting subjects that are in the medium to far distance range. So if your heart is after wildlife or nature, then a telephoto lens will be your best bet.

Your telephoto lens can also capture moving objects due their fast shutter speed. So it is great for those who love sports photography and produce quality images in portrait, landscape and macro modes.
Lens NameRatePriceBuy Now
Sony 55-210mm 4.6/5 $348 Only 3 left in stock

4. Best Sony a6000 All in One Zoom Lenses (Lens)

If you are the type who likes the convenience of having everything in one, then the all in one zoom lens for Sony a6000 is the only lens you will ever need. With a focal length range of 18-300 mm, you can get everything from wide-angle to telephoto in one. This is especially great if you do not already have the standard 16-50 mm kit lens.

The all in one zoom lenses are compact and lightweight, making them the ideal companion for outdoor photographers and for those who are on a budget and cannot afford multiple lenses. So if nature photography is your thing, simply pick up an all in one zoom lens and never miss a shot because you did not have the right lens.

Lens NameRatePriceBuy Now
Sony 18-200mm 4.3/5 $848 Free Shipping

5. Best Sony a6000 lens (lenses) for portrait photography 


In portrait photography, the face of a person or a group of people is the main aspect of the picture. Though portraits can be taken with even your existing kit lens, the best portrait lens for Sony a6000 would be a prime lens with a focal length of 50mm to 60mm. This range is the optimum for head and should portraits and produce sharp images.  What's even better, they are compact and lightweight, so you can easily carry one with you for weddings and parties with friends.

Lens NameRatePriceBuy Now
Sony 60mm 4.7/5 $239 Only 13 left in stock
Sony 50mm
4.7/5 $298 Free Shipping

6. Best Sony a6000 Wide-Angle Lens (Lenses)


It is an obvious fact that when you get closer to the subject, you lose some of the field of view. But with a wide angle lens, the focal length is much smaller than a regular lens, so that you get more coverage even when you get closer.

Therefore, when you use a wide angle lens for Sony a6000, you will be able to shoot pictures of large gatherings such as weddings and even landscapes. These lenses give you a great depth of detail as well!

Lens NameRatePriceBuy Now
Rokinon 12mm
4.5/5 $355 24% off save $117.51
Sony 16mm 4.2/5 $248 Free Shipping
Sony 10-18mm 4.5/5 $848 Free Shipping

7. Best Sony a6000 Macro Micro (known as Close up) lens (Lenses)


What if you could see the face of a dragon fly or the housefly or even the petals of a tiny flower in great detail? That is exactly what a macro lens can do for you; open up a great new world of everything that is small.
A macro lens can let you explore things that even your eyes can't see, functioning like a magnification glass of sorts.  You get a great depth of field and clarity even when you are just inches away from your subject. So if macro photography is your passion, then a Sony a6000 macro lens is what you will need to quench your thirst.
Lens NameRatePriceBuy Now
Sony 30mm Macro
4.6/5 $278 Free Shipping

8. Best Sony a6000 pancake lens

Not everyone wants to carry a super bulky camera with an even bigger lens, making you look like you're armed with a rifle. A Sony a6000 pancake lens is very compact, lightweight and flat that you can easily team it with the Sony a6000 and carry it into your coat pocket.

Pancake lens are popular with street photographers who do not like to draw attention and who like to carry their camera with them everywhere.

Lens NameRatePriceBuy Now
Sony 20mm 4.2/5 $348 Free Shipping

9. Best Lens for Food Photography:

Some photographers love to do food photography for many reason, as advertising, or just because they respect food, so the right lens for do that, is a lens that have a medium focal length between 80mm and 100m, as that you can capture food colours, plus a very sharp details.
Lens NameRatePriceBuy Now
Sony 20mm 4.8/5 $1199 Only 4 left in stock

10. Summary: List of recommended lenses & must have lenses for Sony a6000

Here is a quick round up of the different types of lenses to go with your Sony a6000.

Chapter 3: Lens changing tips

If you own only one type of lens, then you are probably not going to be removing the lens. But when you have to swap between lenses, extra care needs to be taken to avoid dust from entering your camera or the insides of the lens.

While DSLRs and point and shoot cameras have self-cleaning lenses, mirrorless cameras tend to collect dust more easily and cause dust spots. But by following a small tip every time, you can avoid these dust spots.

When you change the lens, simply keep your camera facing downwards on a clean surface instead of holding it with your hand. This way the sensor and the inside of the camera can be kept dust-free.

In addition to following the above tip, we also give you a list of accessories that will protect your lens and also help with the cleaning and maintenance of your lens.

Chapter 4: Must Have Accessories For Lenses (Protection, Cleaning…)

1. Sony a6000 Tripod

Cameras, especially when coupled with their lenses can be quite heavy and it takes a really steady hand to take great pictures. It can also put a great amount of strain on your wrists and hands after prolonged usage.

Nothing can be more frustrating than to lose a great photo due to a slight shake in the picture. An answer to all these issues would be to get a tripod for Sony a6000. So no matter where you are, you can focus on capturing images instead of worrying about holding your camera steady.
Buy: Sony 60 inch Tripod (Low Price - #1 Best Seller)
Or Read: Ideal 6 Tripod for Sony DSLR Camera

2. Sony a6000 Monopod

Tripods offer the best type of stability for your camera, but they can also be cumbersome and bulky. So if you need a simpler, lighter and a more compact option to keep your camera steady, then you can buy a monopod for Sony a6000.

Monopods are simple in design with just a staff and a head to support your camera and balance the weight of your device while shooting pictures.
Buy: Monopod (Low Price - Durable)

3. Sony a6000 Travel waterproof case (Backpack)

Camera bags sure do take care of your gear but can also be awkward to carry, especially when you are on the go. Even if your kit just involves a pair of lenses, an APS-C camera and some accessories, then a waterproof camera backpack will ensure that your optic gear stay protected while your back takes care of its weight.
Buy: Backpack (Durable - Low Price - 10% OFF)

4. Protective pouch set for lenses


Protective pouches are a great way to protect your lenses from moisture, dust, sand and from accidental bumps and scratches. Travelers, especially backpackers can simply clip them on to their backpacks and quickly access the lens when needed, instead of taking the whole pack apart.
Buy: Pouch Set for Lens (#1 Best seller - low Price - Very Recommended)

5. Digital SLR Cleaning Accessories Kit


Your APS-C cameras and lenses can easily collect dust and cause dust spots on your images. Keep your optical gears clean of dust by investing in a set of good quality cleaning accessories, which include air blower, lens pens, microfiber cloth, cleaning solution, brushes etc. and clean your gear regularly for crystal clear images.
Buy: Pro Cleaning Accessories (#1 Best Seller - Low Price - 40% OFF)

6. SD Memory Card – More Space

When you buy a new lens, it is quite natural to experiment with it and before you know, you have a couple of hundred photos and are running out of memory. While you are engrossed in your photo shoot, a lack of memory space can be quite frustrating.

A great way to have enough storage space is to invest in an SD memory card based on your requirements. In any case, opt for something higher, as it never hurts to have some extra space for your digital captures.
Buy: Pro 64gb Memory card (Low price)

7. Sony a6000 Extra battery

Just like having enough storage space for your pictures, it is also important to have extra batteries to save you from frustrating situations. Even if you are going to carry your charger, you will not want to be charging your battery when you are in the middle of a great shoot. For all you know, you could be traveling and may not know where your nearest power source could be.

While going on a planned trip or adventure, make sure you buy extra batteries and charge them ahead to enjoy longer photo shooting times.
Buy: X2 Wasabi Battery (Very Recommended)

8. Sony a6000 wireless remote control (Shutter release)

Some pictures require you to operate your camera from a distance or you may want to be part of the picture without having to run, as is the case with timers. A wireless remote control will be a great addition to your kit as it can trigger the shutter release from a distance.

If you already have a tripod for your camera, then a wireless remote control almost becomes a default requirement. What's even better, your pictures will be a lot clearer, as it eliminates the vibration caused when you manually press the shutter release.
Buy: Sony Wire Control (#1 Best Seller - Low Price)

9. Sony a6000 self timer (Known as intervalometer)

Time-lapse photography can let you watch a seed germinate or a flower bloom from a bud in a matter of seconds. An intervalometer is a device that can either be connected to your camera or used wirelessly to set intervals between shots which produce time-lapse photos and videos.

In addition to acting as a timer, it can also be used to control shutter speed and exposure length which when done manually can cause camera shakes.
Buy: Sony SelfTimer 

10. Sony a6000 Lens cap (cover)

Most lens covers of digital cameras are not attached to the camera and so it is quite common to lose them or misplace them. Accidental damage or breaking of the lens cap is also another possibility. But a lens cap is very important to keep your lens free of dust and scratches.

Thankfully replacement covers are available in the market, specifically for your Sony a6000. Even if your existing lens cover is not broken or missing, you can always choose one that comes with a leash to ensure its safety.
Buy: Sony alpha Lens cap (Different sizes)

11. Sony a6000 Lens Hood

A lens hood is designed to be attached to the front of your lens to protect it and to chiefly act as a physical hood to reduce light flares and lens glares. Some models can be used with your lens cap while others can be mounted reversed to protect the lens when not in use.
Buy: Neewer Lens Hood for Sony alpha

12. Sony a6000 Filter (UV, Polarizing, Colorful filters)

You can do more than just capture great images with your Sony a6000. While you shoot pictures, ambient factors such as fog, dust and reflection can affect the quality of the image produced. UV filters control the amount of UV light entering your camera and produce more clearer pictures, but they are also simply used to protect your lens from dust, moisture and accidental scratching.

Polarizing filters can also be used with your camera lens to reduce reflection from the subject and thereby to increase the contrast. If you want to get creative or add an element of fun to your pictures, you can choose from a range of color filters and add a dramatic effect to an otherwise sober picture.
Buy: Filters for Sony Alpha 6000

Read More:
More Sony a6000 Accessories (13 must have pieces)

This is the end of this article that was talk about Sony a6000 lenses, and also All compatible sony e-mount lens.

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Canon Nikon 35mm VS 50mm Lens (#1 Final & Brief Guide)

Article: Canon Nikon 35mm VS 50mm   Research: 14 Hours   written by: BenoThePhotographer

Confused about which lens to buy 50mm or 35mm for your DSLR to suit your photography needs? This article will provide you enough knowledge and help you choose wisely.


First let's learn about the basics:

1.8G – The first primary lens by Nikon specifically designed for the DX format cameras from Nikon. This lens helps to capture photos where the depth of field is shallow, thus making your subject stand out.

1.8D – This lens enables quick auto-focus and lends additional sharpness to the images. It is an AF lens, hence is compatible with all Nikon DSLRs. It is also a full coverage FX lens, which makes it a great choice for FX digital, DX digital  also film photography.

1.4D – The perfect lens to blur out the background, so that the subject is isolated and captured with utmost focus and clarity. It has wide aperture settings which enables it to give a natural blur to the backgrounds in the photos.

Crop Factor – When you click a photo on your DSLR, only a rectangular portion of your subject is captured (known as crop sensor) though your view hole will show you a round image. Crop factor is the ratio between the sensor size to the full frame or 35mm.

DX And FX Sensors – DX formats have smaller image sensor while FX format have larger image sensor. DX lenses are smaller and lighter while FX lenses help in capturing photos with more light, and have no crop factor.

We Will Cover in this Article:
  1. A small Test you can do it at home, for know exactly which lens you Need 35mm or 50mm.
  2. Comparing 35mm Lens with 50mm Lens.
  3. Recommendation before talking a buying decision
  4. Best deals on Nikon Or Canon Or Sony 35mm & 50mm Lenses

1. Which Lens Is Your Lens? 35mm or 50mm

Wondering if should go in for the 35mm or the 50mm? Yes different types of photography required different lens, but which one should you buy? Let’s use your kit lens to find out.

Mount your 18-55mm lens and zoom it to 35mm. Now click a photo of any subject. Next change the settings to 50mm and repeat the shot. See a difference? Chose which one you like and need. You can also do a long period testing by using your kit lens zoomed at 35mm for a few days and set it to 50mm for a few days.

The best thing about photography is that you never know when you are going to get that perfect shot. After the 35mm Vs 50mm test, you will know which you require more or which you prefer more. Invest in that lens first. 

2. Nikon 35mm Vs 50mm

Both the lenses are great for different situations.  If you are looking for a lens that can give you some great portraits, you should go in for the 50mm 1.8G as this lens was specifically designed for DX format. The focal length is just right for individual portraits as it makes your subject stand out and blurs the background. The overall effect achieved is just brilliant. However, if you are clicking portraits of subjects above the age of 50, the 50mm would not be a good choice as it focuses more on details and can highlight the wrinkles and flaws on aged skin.

The 35mm 1.8G would be a great choice if you want to click individual portraits of older people. Yes this lens is a little too wide for individual portraits, but when your subject is on the older side, you need a lens that will not highlight the flaws. It can blur the background beautifully and make your subject stand out and get all the focus in the photo.

When Should You Opt For the 35mm?

If you want to cover a wider angle, like in a family function or a general gathering, you should opt for the 35mm as it will enable you to cover more and is optimal for a group portrait. When you want to cover the whole scene and not just a single subject, this lens would be perfect.

When in a known crowd, your subject will more receptive to the idea of you getting close enough for a good shot. This won’t be possible when you are shooting unknown subjects. Be it the 1.8 or 1.4, a wide coverage is what you will get with a 35mm lens.

Best Deals for 35mm Lens

CameraFocal LenghtBuy Now
Nikon 35mm f/1.8G (5 Stars & FREE Shipping)
Canon 35mm f/1.4L (9% OFF & FREE Shipping)
Sony 35mm f/1.8 (FREE Shipping)

When Should You Opt For the 50mm or More?

If you want to shoot a video for video blogging etc, you need more focus on your subject. Though you cannot physically get close to your subject all the time, you need to get close to it through your lens and this is exactly what the 50mm will enable you to do.

When you are a wild life photographer or a street photographer, you need to focus on your subject and the rest should just fade into the background. In these situations, you cannot afford to get up close and personal with your subject. When you use the 50mm you can stay at a safe distance yet get a good clear picture.

The Nikon 50mm would be an ideal lens for street photography as the focal length will enable you to put a safe distance between you and the subject, which is what you need for candid shots. If you get too close to your subject, they may get conscious which would ruin the idea behind candid shots.
You can even go in for lens with a longer focal length if you want to be very conspicuous and get real good candid shots of your subjects.

Best Deals On 50mm Lens

CameraFocal LenghtBuy Now
Nikon 50mm f/1.8G (5 Stars & FREE Shipping)
Canon 50mm f/1.8 (#1 Best Seller & Free Shipping)
Sony 50mm f/1.8 (FREE Shipping)

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography requires you to focus on a subject while the background is also covered.  The wide angle provided by a 35mm is what you need for landscapes of limited area. If you want a long and wide shot of an expansive landscape, the Nikon 35mm 1.8g would not be sufficient as it is not wide enough.
Read More: 4 Best Wide Angle lenses

Consider It All Before You Buy the Lens

When it comes to 35mm Vs 50mm Nikon or canon or Eve, Sony, you requirements are what will determine the lens for you. The depth, focal length, angle and the type of photography will decide which lens will be optimal for your use.

Your DX cameras have a crop factor, which should also be taken into account when you decide on the lens. With a 1.5 crop factor, you can get more focal length with both your 35mm and 50mm, thus enabling you to stay farther away from your subject. The lesser the focal length, wider is your angle, more the focal length, closer is your subject.

You also need enough knowledge about aperture settings, lighting, shutter speed and depth of field, before you can get the best out of any lens.