The Ultimate Nikon D3400 Lenses Survival Guide: Everything you need to know for your next big decision

ultimate guide for all best lens for nikon d3400

Chapter One: Everything you need to know About Nikon D3400 DX lenses

When you look at your DSLR camera, the first two parts that you will notice are your body and your lens. Now when you compare the entirety of your camera to that of a professional’s you may see one significant difference, the professional’s camera has a more elegant lens that probably performs much better too.

The lens is perhaps the most important exchangeable part of your camera. It serves as your camera’s eyes and without it, taking pictures is just impossible. Your lens can determine the quality of your photo and basically everything that you have to take note off when taking a picture. Your lenses set how far you can shoot, how near or how fast you can focus, how much light you can take in, how stable your image will be, and more.

They say that it’s not about the lens and it’s about the person - which is true but skill can only take you so far and lenses are there to push your limits more.

With that, learning about Nikon D3400 lenses is more than just a requirement and picking your lenses will greatly influence your limitations as a photographer.

1. Answering the Questions About the Nikon D3400 Lenses

When talking about lenses, there are a couple of questions that people frequently ask. One of which is an inquiry regarding the brand of lenses that they can buy. Due to the tight contest between Nikon and Canon, a common misconception is developed among the minds of beginners that the lens game is a two-brand race. 

This one is entirely wrong because there are third-party manufacturers out there that produce lenses as well for other brands. Third-party manufacturers include Tokina, Sigma, and Tamron - brands that rival the lenses that of Canon and Nikon. These manufacturers create products that can be mounted on your camera as well and these lenses are serious choices which can give you a run for your money.

Tokina, Sigma, and Tamron are preceded by their reputation for developing high-quality lenses as well that can even put some Nikon and Canon products to shame. With that, in the question of whether Nikon D3400 lenses are the best for Nikon cameras, the answer is a NO. All manufacturers make use of the same glass and materials, more or less, and it really boils down to the design and reliability of the mechanism.

Now another question that people seem to ask a lot about is regarding the price of the lenses, particularly why these “extensions” are much expensive than the bodies themselves.

Lenses for Nikon D3400 will, more often than not, cost more than your camera body due to various reasons such as because your lenses contain a built-in focus motor and your bodies do not. Entry-level cameras do not have a built-in autofocus motor whereas thus the low prices whereas professional-caliber DSLRs are much more expensive due to the said autofocus motor being present inside. 

Furthermore, as you go along the way and ditch your body for a newer one, your lens can still be used. More than being an extension, these lenses elevate your skill and you can think of it as a way of investing on yourself as well since your limitations are very well determined by your lenses.

2. The Different Types of DSLR Lenses for Nikon D3400

Lenses, much like your camera, have different types as well and different types of lenses render different results, both immediate and long-term. When talking about the type of lenses, there are two words that you have to remember: prime and zoom. Prime and Zoom lenses are the two types of cameras that you can buy on the market today and they differ in one significant way: focal length.

A. Zoom Lenses

what is a zoom lens

Zoom lenses, as the name suggests, are those who have the zoom function to take you closer to your subject or widen the area you are seeing. You may be more familiar with zoom lenses because if you haven’t upgraded your lenses yet, you will still have your original kit lens - the 18-55mm.

Zoom lenses have ranges of focal length or how far your lenses can capture. For example, your 18-55mm lens will have the capabilities of an 18mm wide range, 35mm natural eye range, and your portrait close-up which is the 50mm. Basically, zoom lenses give you variety for a more all-around buddy to go with you. However, these are harder to make and perfect thus costing more and even falling away in terms of quality compared to prime lenses.

B. Prime Lenses

Prime lens

Speaking of Prime, these lenses, instead of having a focal length range only feature one focal length. You may think that due to this single length, it will be more inconvenient to use them, right? Well, that is not entirely false but you may want to see this in a different scope.

Prime lenses are highly specific such as a prime 400mm lens for capturing highly detailed moon shots or the 50mm for your portraits. Being highly-specific, most prime lenses are made to perfection thus offering more quality than zoom lenses. However, due to this high specificity, you may need to switch lenses depending on the occasion.

Benefits of Getting Prime Lenses

By getting a prime lenses for Nikon D3400, let’s say the 50mm, you can actually train yourself to work your way around your subject more. As a testament to this, numerous photographers even go on a “50mm for 50 days” challenge in which they go out and shoot for 50 days using nothing but their 50mm lens as a way to train.

Also, another reason to get a prime lens is due to their speed. Prime lenses are often faster than zoom lenses simply because by using a single focal length, they won’t need to go through the process of determining and calculating distance anymore. By faster, we mean that you can burst at a higher rate and focus a lot more faster than your zoom lenses.

3. How will I know if a lens is compatible with my D3400 ?

how to tell that a lens is compatible with nikon D3400

Your Nikon D3400 is arguably the best entry-level DSLR in the market today with rivals from other manufacturers one or a half-step behind it. Being an entry-level camera for the use of beginners to amateurs, the Nikon D3400, much like its DX family counterparts, does not have a built-in focus motor.

The autofocus function is a very convenient and handy thing to have and to make use of it with your Nikon D3400, you would need to get a lens with an autofocus motor in it. 

Autofocus lenses will usually have the “AF” term on its name if it is manufactured by Nikon. For third-party lenses, the autofocus lenses of Tokina are “DXII” or “DX2” while Sigma’s will contain the letters “HSM” whereas the term “AF/MF” belong to Tamron autofocus lenses.

When talking about compatibility, the most important concept that you have to take note off is the mount; the door that connects your camera with the lens. 

The Nikon D3400 features the F mount which means that the lenses you should choose from are those who belong in the AF series. The AF-S series, on the other hand, is a subseries of the Nikon’s AF and lenses belonging to this subseries feature a more silent, smarter, and smoother autofocus mechanism great for shooting videos. Meanwhile, the AF-P series is the more professional version of the AF-S and they come with a certain price.

Other terms to take note

AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR - this is an example of a lens’ full name. I know this may seem intimidating so we’re gonna dissect each group of letters to find out what they exactly mean. 

We discussed what AF-P means which is the specific focus type that your lens belongs to. It is often followed by the family of your lens or its specific series followed by the brand of your lens, which in this case is Nikkor - the lens brand of Nikon.

The first set of numbers you will see is the focal length or range of your lens. This lens has a focal length of 70-300mm which indicates that it is a superzoom lens which will enable you to reach further distances. Of course, if the name has a single focal length, let’s say 50mm, then you are looking at a prime lens.

The second set of numbers you will see is the f-stop or aperture capability of your lens. Just a short crash course on that: the larger the numbers, the wider your focus area or focal point will be. Should you wish to have one of those pictures with a subject standing over a blurred background, I suggest you go for smaller numbers in the range of f/1.8-3.5.

After the f/stop numbers, the following set of letters signify the different techs inside your lens. In this case, ED stands for Extra-low Dispersion Glass which is the type of glass your lens uses white VR is Vibration Reduction which is responsible for stabilizing your videos.

Now that you know the type of lenses, their importance, and how to read the labels, you now have the license to head on out and take your pick among the Nikon D3400 lenses. 

Chapter two : List of the best lenses for Nikon D3400 based on photography type

With everything you just learned about lenses, you should now have sufficient skill to start the actual process of selecting it. Selecting your next lens, as mentioned, is very crucial in your growth as a photographer so be sure to be systematic about it.

1. Four  Steps to Find your Next Nikon D3400 lenses

1.  Find out your budget - Write on a paper how much you are willing to spend on this lens.

2.  Know what you have - Take note of the focal length of the lenses you currently own and make        sure not to include in your choices the lenses with similar numbers.

3.  Find the purpose - Know the type of photography that you want to get into, portrait for 
     example, as this will greatly determine the specs of your next lens.

4.  Select accordingly - Based on the notations you have done with the previous step, you may
     now select accordingly the lenses that will fit your status and preferences. (Go to the type of
     photography below and select from the table of lenses for Nikon D3400)

2. The Nikon D3400 Kit Lens

Lense name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 18-55mm
4.7/5 $190 [Free Shipping]
The kit lens is called so because it is the lens that comes with your D3400 in usual occasions. The kit lens covers a focal length of 18-55mm making it the beginner all-around lens for any scenario.

Nikon offers an AF-S and AF-P version of the lens and as we have said, the AF-P version features a smoother and faster motor for focusing. The AF-P was made for the use of videographers so if you are that one, go for this version.

Each of these two options will have 2 versions with different techs inside them -, particularly the VR or Vibration Reduction. The Vibration Reduction is Nikon’s image stabilizing mechanism also great for videography since it prevents any unwanted sound while focusing.

All in all, you may choose from the AF-S VR, AF-S non-VR, AF-P VR, or AF-P non-VR.

3. The Beginner’s Best Friend: 35mm

Nikon D3400 best lens even 35mm
Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 35mm
4.7/5 $190 [12% OFF- $23.00]
The 35mm prime lens is a must-own lens in photography. The fixed 35mm focal length perfectly captures what we normally see through our eyes and practicing with this lens will train your vision for the shot. With this human-like focal length, the 35mm is great for daily photo walks. The 35mm prime is also very compact and lightweight making it easy to carry along. Furthermore, 35mm is considerably cheap as well and is generally a great investment.

4. All in One Zoom Lenses for Nikon D3400

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Tamron 18-200mm
Low Price*
4.4/5 $190 [33% OFF - SAVE $100.00 and Free Shipping]
Sigma 18-250mm 4.5/5 $340 [36% OFF - SAVE $200.00 and Free Shipping]
Nikon 18-200mm
4.7/5 $590 [8% OFF - SAVE $53.00 and Free Shipping]
Nikon 18-300mm 4.6/5 $690 [Free Shipping]

If you were impressed by the variety that the kit lenses can offer you, then you will be astounded by what an all in one zoom lens can do. All in one zoom lenses feature extreme focal length ranges usually from 18mm to the telephoto range of 200mm or 300mm even.

These zoom lenses for Nikon D3400 should give you what a kit lens can do plus the capabilities of shooting far subjects with its telephoto range. Of course, these lenses are noticeably heavy as well but, at the same time, it can train your arms to shoot for long periods.

5. Going the Distance with your Telephoto Lens

Discover a list of best telephoto lenses for nikon d3400
Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 55-200mm 4.6/5 $140 [43% OFF mean you SAVE $107.00 and Free Shipping]
Nikon 55-300mm
4.7/5 $390 [1% OFF and Free Shipping]
Sigma 70-300mm
Low Price*
4.4/5 $140 [14% OFF - SAVE $24.00 - Only 12 Left]
Telephoto distance starts with 55mm or 70mm reaching up to 200mm or more. Telephoto lenses are usually used by wildlife photographers, especially bird photographers, but having one yourself isn’t a bad idea at all.

Lenses like these can get you really close to far subjects and it can take you to the moon. Most people choose to get a telephoto lens after getting a kit lens since a lens with a focal length of 70-300mm will give them more range.

6. Shooting More with Wide Angle Nikon D3400 Lenses

discover wide angle lenses for nikon d3400

As the name suggests, wide angle lenses will give you more of what you see. Wide angle lenses produce stunning images since it captures what we only normally see with our peripheral vision.

Instead of taking a step back to catch a larger area, wide angle lenses actually spread out the vision and background to retain the same quality for the subject. These lenses are great for large group photos, event coverage such as weddings, and of course, landscape photography.
Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Sigma 10-20mm
Low Price*
4.5/5 $470 [Free Shipping]
Nikon 10.24mm
If u r Serious about wide angle photography
4.7/5 $890 [11% OFF - SAVE $103.00]

7. Beyond the 35mm: More of Portrait Lenses

Best portrait lens for beginners
When it comes to portrait photography, details are not to be taken lightly. Portraits put a focus on a person or a subject’s features and modern portrait photography will have these features stand out by creating a bokeh effect. The bokeh is the practice of adjusting your aperture in order to blur out the background and put emphasis on the subject.

For Nikon D3400, ideal lenses are that of the 35mm or 50mm focal length. These lenses should give you a lightweight and compact feel great for shooting portraits.
Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 50mm 1.8G
5/5 $190 [10% OFF - SAVE $23.00]
Nikon 35mm 1.8G
5/5 $170 [12% OFF - SAVE $23.00]

8. Food Photography: An Unusual Portrait

best lens for food photography

Food photography isn’t quite like your modern day portrait photography. Although details and emphasis as still of the essence, food photography will push photographers to go out of usual portrait angles and explore more to make the subject much more appealing.

Lenses for Nikon D3400 with focal lengths of 80mm or 100mm should do well in featuring enough sharpness to squeeze out the details at the comfort of the camera.

9. Others:

If you want to discover the hidden word of macro photography, bellow i list the best lenses for macro.
Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 40mm
Best for Beginner to Macro*
Low Price*
4.7/5 $250 [12% OFF - $33.00]
Nikon 85mm
5/5 520 [Only 4 in stock - Free Shipping]

While there is another cool art which is Fisheye photography, where you see the world as the fishs, bellow are some of the great lens for this art.

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 10.5mm
4.6/5 $770 [Only 1 left - Free Shipping]
Rokinon 8mm
Low Price*
4.4/5 $240 [32% OFF - SAVE $110 and Free Shipping]
Opteka 6.5mm
More Low Price*
4.1/5 $150 [70% OFF - SAVE $350.04]

10. Nikon D3400 Lenses - The Right One for the Right Occasion

All in all, in picking lenses for D3400, getting the right one for what you plan on doing is very crucial. If you are going out on daily routine photography, the Nikon 35mm 1.8G is the way to go while you can go for an all in one zoom Sigma 18-250mm HSM for that extra telephoto reach.

Your Nikon 35mm can also serve you well in street photography. It’s prime counterpart the Nikon 50mm, on the other hand, is great for portrait photography and street photography as well to some extent.

For telephotography, the Sigma 70-300mm offers you the largest focal length at the lowest price. If you choose to venture into more close-up photos and enter the realm of macrophotography, the Nikon 40mm renders great results.

Be sure to choose wisely and accordingly.

Chapter 3: Lens changing tips from Pro photographers

Lens Changing Tips :

As you go along the way, you will be handling more than one lens during your walks or projects. Having multiple lenses is a great sign of progress but, at the same time, calls out for more responsibility on your side. 

Learning how to change from one lens to another, swiftly and carefully at the same time, is very important to avoid having any dust coming in to wreck havoc inside your camera. Furthermore, although point-and-shoot cameras and DSLRs have their own cleaning mechanisms, mirrorless cameras tend to accumulate more dust which is dangerous for the camera. 

In any case, when changing your lens, be sure to keep your camera pointing down as if you are shooting the floor. Wrap your strap somewhere safe in your body like your hands or you can just simply keep your strap on your neck just for safety. 

Once your camera is pointed to the ground already and is safely strapped, you can now proceed to opening up the mount. By keeping your camera pointed down throughout the process, you can ensure that dust as well as other harmful particles do not make it inside your camera. 

For better camera care and performance, there are a couple more lens accessories you can invest on. 

Chapter 4: You got a lens? You will need these lens accessories

Lens Accessories for Nikon D3400 :

1.  Lens Pouch

Much like any form of a pouch for any form of an object, the lens pouch keeps your lens safe from dust and other particles when unused. Furthermore, most lens pouches are also shockproof to some extent and can be easily clipped on to your backpack or belt for easier access.
Buy Lens Pouch (Best selling - 5 Stars) 

2.  Lens and Camera Cleaning Kit

Even though you practice the cleaning tips mentioned above to protect your Nikon D3400 lenses, keeping a good lens and camera cleaning kit is still important. Cleaning your lenses by yourself regularly is a good habit for both you and your equipment and to do that you would need the cleaning basics: blowers, lens pens, microfiber cloth, etc.
Buy: Pro Cleaning Kit 

3.  Backpack for Nikon D3400

The DSLR backpack is something you can’t live without if you are a photographer. Your backpack contains all your equipment from Nikon D3400 lenses to your filters and even your tripod. A backpack will be your best friend on the road so be sure to buy something that is appropriate for your equipment and will last for quite some time.
Buy: Best selling backpack in amazon or read detailed article about this topic Here

5.  Tripod

For night shots to group shots, the tripod is an equipment that basically helps you to stabilize your shots. If you are into videography, this equipment should be an important word in your vocabulary and invest in a good unit can make a lot of difference.

5.  Lens Hood

The lens hood is somewhat a cap you put over your lenses in order to prevent flares or glares from ruining your photos. Each of the Nikon D3400 lenses has their own lens hood and in some occasions, they come in separately.

6.  Lens Filter(s)

Finally, for both protection and performance elevation, you will need lens filters. Lens filters are glass films you screw on top of your lens in order to protect it and change the complexion of your photos as well. There are a lot of lens filters out there, like the simple UV to the much more complex polarizers, each having their own purpose.
Buy: Lens hoods

Choosing a lens can be quite tasking but very fun at the same time. Picking out the lens to choose will determine your progress as a photographer and it’s just like picking out a new toy in the store - only, you have to do it smartly. Whether you want to do portraits, long shots, macros, head to the streets, or anything else, there is a right lens for you and that’s the beauty of photography. 

Comment down below your favorite photography style or lens to let us know how you’re doing! If you have any question, please, comment them below and we’ll do our best to get back right at you. 

Also, spread the word and share this article so your peers can also bookmark and use this article also to guide them through the process of finding the best lenses for Nikon D3400. 

The Best Camera Backpack for Travel, Your Travel Buddy

Part of being a photographer is traveling around. Whether you are in search of the perfect shot or you simply do photography for a living, going from one place to another with your DSLR camera beside you is something we are all familiar with.

Quick Purchase

Name Rating Positive
Evecase Classic Canvas 4.4/5 244 $47
AmazonBasics DSLR backpack 4.4/5 5538 $29
AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag 4.5/5 3557 $24
Case Logic SLRC-206 4.6/5 1643 $60
TOUGH-XL Travel camera case 4.3/5 57 $39

i. Understanding Travel Camera Backpack

In order for you to pick the best camera backpack for travel, there are some features you may want to consider. These certain traits are the things you would want to see in your travel camera backpack in order for you to consider it a great option for your backpack investment.

Great Material

First things first, when photographers talk about camera bags, the material is something that they never forget to discuss. The material of your bag determines its durability and can be even tagged under its security features.

Convenient Internal and External Design

The best camera backpack for travel will have strategic dividers and crafty pockets around while some bags will allow you to have your tripod attached also.

Also, some moments do not last forever and the last thing you would want to happen is for you not to be able to capture a shot because you still had to fumble around your bag to get your camera. A swift external design will allow you to get your camera out in less than 3 seconds

Anti-theft features

Anti-theft features are extremely important to keep your camera and all your expensive equipment away from people who might actually steal them.

Anti-theft features include the latest security zippers, lock holes, and a layer of materials that will prevent people from slashing and opening your bag.

ii. 5 Best Camera Backpack for Travel

1- Evecase Classic Canvas Backpack

Evecase Classic Canvas Backpack in Best Camera Backpack for Travel

The Evecase Canvas DSLR Backpack is a camera bag that follows today’s conventional rugged design aiming to disguise itself as a normal knapsack. This backpack is fashionable but very functional at the same time. It can hold up to 5 lenses with its adjustable interior design and it has a whole lot of pockets perfect for your filters and even you non-DSLR related objects such as your phone and a 14” laptop.

  • Fashionable design while not compromising space
  • Has a dedicated pocket for your laptop
  • The design is considered anti-theft with it looking like an ordinary bag only

  • Has problems when it comes to sturdiness
  • The rain cover is not readily available and you have to take your time putting it on
  • Canvas is relatively heavy compared to other lightweight materials used by others

According to users, the bag performs generally well with the main problem only coming from the sturdiness of the bag with the main issue being its ability to protect your back from external stress. Also, although its ingenious internal design is beyond commendable, it may offer some problems in the swiftness of its external design.

2- AmazonBasics DSLR Backpack

AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag

At first glance, the AmazonBasics DSLR Backpack really does look like a camera bag. With the traditional black polyester/nylon exterior, this backpack puts the basics to a whole new level. The bag has a facade that can be opened fully to reveal the all-camera equipment space allotment inside. Your light tripod should also fit in well on the sides and if what you are looking for is a traditional camera bag, and nothing else, this is what you need.

  • Designed for comfort with heavily padded wide shoulder straps
  • Traditional polyester and nylon combination has been tried and tested to be durable
  • Great space allotment for camera equipment with it fitting up to 5 lenses

  • The design is too basic and it does not remove the traditional camera bag bulkiness
  • Does not offer anything else rather than being a camera bag
  • Not entirely waterproof and does not offer a rain cover

According to its users, the AmazonBasics DSLR Backpack is decent but suffers from low-quality stitches and problems when it comes to durability. Although the bag itself is very sturdy and can hold your camera equipment well and safe, its stubby design is less than desirable.

3- AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag

AmazonBasics DSLR Backpack

If you are looking for a traditional camera bag sling design with more features, then the AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget bag should serve you well. Its greatest strength lies in the fact that this bag is not technically a camera bag but a gadget bag thus giving you more than what you are looking for. Spacious, secure, and offers extremely fast access to your camera - these are the traits you will be seeing with the AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag.

  • Offers a lot of bonus compartments for your other gadgets even as big as the iPad mini
  • Sling design allows you to access your camera fast for that sudden shot
  • Lightweight and relatively small but can still strap in your tripod with it

  • Can only hold 1 body and around 3 lenses inside
  • Lacks security features due to its light and swift design

According to user reviews, the AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget bag has a great build quality and a professional look. The adjustable interiors are very convenient and it is great for those who like to keep it light when traveling. The only problem presented by users is the subpar shoulder strap - a problem that can simply be alleviated by replacing the said component.

4- Case Logic SLRC-206

Case Logic SLRC-206

Case Logic is known for making great bags and the SLRC-206 is a sample of what they are capable of. Lined with waterproof material and a patented pending hammock system, this camera is able to protect your camera from all sorts of potential external damage. Furthermore, aside from compact and secured interior, the SLRC-206 also offers a slot for your 16-17” laptop and other devices.

Lined with a waterproof material that can withstand several weather conditions
Extremely sturdy and compact interior design to protect your camera
Offers several more compartments for other items

The camera is not readily accessible
May need some security improvements
Bulky design

According to user reviews, the Case Logic SLRC-206 has a very dense foam and you will really feel that your camera is protected at all times. However, the main concern is its build quality and attention to detail with the top handle located at the back of the laptop compartment while the bulky design does not just look heavy but feels heavy as well.

5- TOUGH-XL Hard-Body Travel and Storage Case Camera

TOUGH-XL Hard-Body Travel and Storage Case Camera

Made out of a polypropylene mixture, the TOUGH-XL Hard-Body Travel and Storage Case Camera is perhaps the strongest choice you have here. Although technically not a backpack as well but rather a hard suitcase, this storage case does an extremely great job at securing and protecting your camera.

  • 4 padlock rings for security
  • The hard exterior outside is complemented by the interior cushion to provide comfort and protection for your camera
  • Customizable laser-cut pick and pluck foam technology to fit your equipment perfectly inside

  • Rugged and bulky design - not recommended for hand-carry
  • For cameras and camera equipment only
  • Does not have any form of sling

According to user reviews, although this is extremely commendable as a case due to its sturdiness and linings, the build quality of some parts like the clips are quite questionable. The foam-customizing technology is very easy to use also and it is very large for its price - which can be both a pro or a con.

iii. How to Choose Between These Options

We already talked about what are the features or traits you would want to see in a camera bag. Now that you have your choices, however, we’re just gonna give out five things to consider in order for you to finally pick your best camera backpack for travel.

Budget - find out which one you are really willing to invest on based on the features

Equipment - make sure that you can fit your equipment safely

Trip Transportation - you can go lightweight for easy travels with more walks than rides or the complete opposite for long distance adventures

The frequency of camera use - if you are the type of person to who will need to pull out their camera fast or not

Size - you wouldn’t want to be carrying something bulkier than your luggage, right?


To cap it all off, finding the best backpack for travel is greatly determined by your needs rather than your wants. Everything in the camera bag from its material to its overall external design differs and it’s really a matter of finding which camera bag was created for someone like you.

That’s it for us and be sure to share this article with your peers for them to find their partners for life in photography as well.

The most sought-after Nikon D3400 Accessories

List of accessories for Nikon D3400

The Nikon D3400 is a revolutionary piece of equipment; However camera accessories can be the way to capture that magical shot that you’ve always been looking for. In our range of accessories we’ve got everything from camera lenses to long lasting batteries to sturdy tripods; we’ve got it all!

I. Essential Accessories:

Without them you can not get any photo or video.
Note: All our links take to the most trusted online store "Amazon".

1. Nikon D3400 Lenses: 

Nikon D3400 lenses

Nikon D3400 lenses are one of the top priority accessories that you will need to capture that outstanding photo you’ve always been hoping for, from the widest lense to comprehend the most stunning of images, to the high quality photo lenses to really absolve that crisp photo you’ve been hunting for.

You can read this separate article, where we cover all the Nikon D3400 compatible lenses from kit lens to fish lenses for fun photography.

2. Nikon D3400 memory card:

dslr camera memory card

We’ve all been there when we are trying to capture the ultimate photo and you just don’t quite have enough space to comprehend your masterpiece photo you’ve always wanted.

You don’t have to worry anymore because the memory cards come in a range of sizes from 8, 16 or even 32GB of storage space! If that's not enough to capture the photos/videos you love to take then you can pick up a 64 or even 128GB memory card, with ultra fast speeds and minute size you can snap on the go!

Buy: We Recommend Lexar Pro SDHC UHS-I/U1 But you can see some other brands by Clicking Here.

Other Useful Memory card Accessories: 
i. Card reader:
memory card reader

A 3.0 card reader is a must to quickly read the data inside your memory card.

ii. Card Holder:
memory card holder

Card Holder is a simple but effective accessory that can gather all your different memory cards in one place, so they can stay safe and organized. They come in variety of options, from normal to fancy one with Water-Resistant and Anti-shock.

3. Nikon D3400 replacement battery & charger:

Nikon D3400 replace batteries and charger

When you are on the go you can now shoot video all day long without the worry of running out of battery with the long lasting Replacement Battery and Charger! This will allow you the flexibility of multiple takes until you get the perfect shot.

Buy: Trusted Replacement battery for D3400

II. Recommended Accessories:

Secondary but still important to have the best photography experience.

1. Nikon D3400 Tripod:

tripod for nikon d3400

The tripod is one of the most important accessories due to camera shake and this allows you to get great Photo/Video without reducing the quality! Nikon D3400 Tripods, tall or wide,  they have what you need to get a top down angle on the photo to short tripods to time lapse a video or to carry around on the move.

Read: My article about Top 7 Tripods of the year.

2. Protection accessories: 

Are you ever worried of your expensive high quality camera or lense being broken while on the go looking for the best shots?

A. Nikon D3400 case, bag, and backpack:

DSLR bag backpack

There are different ways to store your camera including  the case, belt case , backpack and bag.

The backpack is perfect for long trip, or hiking where it will allows you to carry one or two DSLR body, multiple lenses, multiple batteries and memory cards, also a tripod, while the best option is letting your back carry all the weight of the gears, and keep your hands free.

In the other hand, a camera case allows you to put in a full size DSLR camera with only one short lense and some small accessories (Memory card, batteries etc). Perfect choice for on the move action! short trips, shooting around the city or the park.

Buy: Camera bags (different styles and forms)

B. Nikon D3400 Underwater Case & Bag:

underwater dslr pouch case

For the adventurous type there is a Waterproof case/bag which will allow you to protect your camera from water damage, so you can experience underwater photography without upgrade your dslr body.

C. Nikon D3400 Shoulder, Neck strap and grips:

Nikon D3400 shoulder neck hand strap

For people who like to have their camera out and ready for action but would prefer to not be occupying your hands with your camera all day, there are a selection of straps for your Nikon D3400 such as:

i. The shoulder & neck strap: This will allow you to hold the camera while walking around but not having to carry it in your hands.
ii. The grip strap: Which will make sure you do not drop your precious, expensive camera
iii.The pistol grip w/ trigger: Allowing you to hold it like a pistol for ease and efficiency.

D. Lenses Protecting pouch set:

Lenses pouch set

We all know that lenses are very fragile and expensive, so you could lose them really easily, that's why i list this practical solution.

Their work is basic, just remove the lens, clean it from dust, and protect it using the right size pouch set; easy and safe isn’t it?

Buy: Pouch set for lenses

E. Camera Skin:

Camera skin

Camera Skin, made of silicon is For the people who like to give their devices a nice protective layer from fingerprints, dust...etc

F. Camera Stretchy wrap:

Camera Stretchy wrap

Personally i really love this accessory, because it gives the ultimate protection while you store your equipment from dust, shocks and much more. buy a stretchy wrap from here.

I. Rain cover for Nikon D3400:

Rain cover for Nikon D3400

Rain cover is a must have accessory when you need a cinematic shot in the wet conditions but don’t want to break your camera in the process, allowing you to stay in the rain to get the perfect shot for an extended period of time.

3. Nikon D3400 Lightning accessories:

Light is the only thing that can dramatically improve your photo quality, so below i list the top lighting accessories to reach the desired results.

A. Nikon D3400 external flash:

Nikon D3400 external flash

The in-built flash is ok, but if you want to shoot under any low light condition, you should consider buying an external flash, it has a very clean and bright light, that will improve your photos quality.

Buy: External flash Kit

B. Box soft for speed light:

Soft box dslr external light

Soft box allows you to have speed light and no blurry pictures due to lighting errors. they come in different sizes and colors, but white is the most used by pro photographer.

C. Light reflector:

DSLR light reflectors

Light reflectors will allows you to stay on top of the game and not have other light sources ruin your picture, blending light sources can make your picture look old and non-professional.

D. Nikon D3400 lens filters:

Lens filters for nikon d3400

Lens filters will keep the dust from getting into your lens which can save your camera from facing focusing issues, but the main role is to changing the lighting and shooting experience using different filters colors and modes.

4. Nikon D3400 cleaning accessories:

cleaning accessories

Dust will install above your lenses and camera body, leaving it there will results in ugly images and technical errors in the future, so there are a range of cleaning accessories you can get such as Pen, Air blow, cloths etc which will save you time and the risk of breaking your gears.

All the items in the kit are specially designed for cameras and are the best solution to a dirty lens/camera.

Buy: Cleaning kit for D3400

5. Nikon D3400 Guide, book, tutorial:

A.Cheat sheet:

Nikon Cheat sheet

The Nikon DSLR Cheat sheets are one of the easiest ways to understand and get used to the cameras complicate setting, it is waterproof, easy to carry in your pocket, and it simplify the setting for you, so you do not need to check the web or the help section in your camera.

B. Nikon D3400 for dummies:

Nikon D3400 for dummies

This Book is the only recommended guide to master this camera, it will guide you from complete newbie to a professional in term of using setting, and manual mode.

C. Online Photography Courses:

We offer free online photography courses so you can learn how to become the picasso of photography in the comfort of your own home.

However we also write an article about the top 6 paid online photography courses, These courses are the most money efficient and will get you the most ‘bang for your buck’. So don’t worry because we’ve got your back!

6. USB Cable:


USB Data Cable looks like a silly accessory, but if you forger your card reader, or you haven't enough time to remove the memory card, take photos, then bring back into the camera, this cable come in handy, it will allows you to connect the DSLR directly with the computer, so you can charge the battery and download your data.

7. Wireless Shutter release:

wireless shutter

Wireless shutter are small accessories allows you to take photos without touching your camera, so if you buy a tripod, consider adding this item, it will be useful.

8. Screen protectors:

Nikon DSLR Protecting screen

By purchasing a Screen Glass protector (pack of 3) you will keep your screen protected from your finger prints, oil, sweat ...

9. Photography Accessories Kit: 

accessories bundle for nikon d3400

If you want to buy multiple accessories but find that you’re spending more than you should be or hate purchasing multiple products one by one, you can purchase the Accessories kit, made and tested by pro photographers. This includes the essentials for your Nikon D3400 Camera to get you started!

Buy: D3400 Accessories Kit and save Time & Money.

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