Entry level DSLR Cameras, Why? And what to look for before buy one

Learn how to pick the right Entry level dslr camera from all the Entry level dslr cameras that exist By Beno Ibrahim.
In the past, Digital SLR cameras was owned just by professional photographers, they was use them for provide good image quality to their clients (Newspapers – magazines …), but now it is different, because photography become an art and hobby of lot of people around the world, also manufacturers change their philosophy and they try to up their benefit by providing products to all photography needs (professional, amateur, normal use, beginners …).
That’s why we can found lot of types of Cameras as Shoot-and-point (normal use) and Entry level DSLR cameras (amateur), Full frame DSLR cameras (professional)…

Info about Entry Level DSLR Cameras

In this Article Nikon D3200 News will tell you some basic information about the entry level Digital SLR technology, for help you to choose the right entry level DLSR camera that meet your needs.

Why Entry Level DSLR Cameras?

If you already use a point-and-shoot cameras, and you want to upgrade to something that can produce a better quality and help you to improve your photography skills, the Entry level DSLR cameras is the right choice for you, because this type of cameras will introduce you to the Digital SLR technology and let you learn slow and easy how to use a full frame camera (professional) in the future.
Digital SLR cameras (Entry level DSLR cameras or Full frame cameras) are noting without their photographic lenses, and here is another reason for choosing one of the Entry level DSLR cameras because they have a low prices compare to Full frame cameras, so by buying an entry level DSLR camera you can invest in Lenses and learn more about shooting in different photographic condition and different focal lengths.

Read here:  Learn more about Focal length and photographic lenses.

What matter for become a successful photographer is Skills then lenses in future, so that’s why all beginner photographers need to have at less 2 years’ experience with Entry level DSLR cameras and different lenses, than think about jumping to use an expansive professional Full frame DSLR camera as Nikon Df or Sony Alpha 99 or Nikon D4s.

What to look for when buying an entry level DSLR camera!

If you use Shoot-and-point cameras one day, so you are infected with the wrong idea of megapixel MP *-*, so please let me correct your information; Megapixel have no relation at all with image or video quality, it have a relation with print, yes only with print.
So if you want to print your images in a very big papers (for pub purpose) you may need a high megapixel number, but if you want images for save them in computer or share them in social media, 3 megapixel will be more than enough for you, so from now don’t let Megapixel be an important criteria when you search for the right camera for you.

Please note: In photography world, there is no Best Camera!, this mean that the best camera for you, cannot be the best camera for other photographer, so always search for the best Entry level Digital SLR camera for you, and not in the market, because you will never found it.

In entry level DSLR cameras there is lot of criteria you can use for found the best DSLR camera that bests suit you as:

What matter in an Entry level DSLR camera:

1- Image quality Of DSLR Camera:

Why we buy cameras? -> For take images, so image quality is what you look for when buying a camera or upgrade from type to another.
In entry level Digital SLR cameras, image quality have a strong relation with sensor size, so as much it is big (sensor), as much the image quality will be better and the camera react well in low light situation (big sensor gather light even in low light condition).

2- Features Of Digital SLR Camera :

As a beginner to photography (entry-level photographer) you should choose an entry level DSLR camera that is easy to use (offer automatic features, because manual features need high skills and lot of practices).
Best DSLR camera for beginners to photography and that will ensure for you a very happy photography adventure is Nikon D3200 because it have a beginner guide mode inside it (made by pro photographer), and it is made for introduce you to DSLR world in a short time, this mean that Nikon D3200 is more than just a camera, it is a teacher.

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Read here: Top Nikon D3200 Bundles (3 in one = SAVE time and efforts and money).

-Also if you are interesting about video, look for an entry level DSLR camera that produce HD videos, like that you can enjoy watch them in your TV using HD cable.
-Live view (LCD Screen) is another feature that you need to care about, because it is help you to change setting of your camera easy and quick, and see how image looks like before shoot it, so you will found different resolution for LCD screen also fixed and rotate screens (pick the best one for you).

3- Design Of DSLR Camera :

Almost all entry level DSLR cameras have same high/length/width so what really matter is the weight of your entry level Digital SLR camera, because maybe you need to take it in your hand for long time if you want to take pictures for a football match that stay 90 minutes, so be sure to pick the entry level DSLR camera that’s lightweight and compact enough to be in your backpack / purse (if you do not have a camera bag).

4- Help and support:

Be sure that the manufacture that sell you the entry level DSLR camera (Nikon-Canon-Sony-Samsng-pentax-…) gives you a physical and PDF operating manual, also have different customer service options as Telephone / email / tutorial videos / FAQs section and live chat support.


Noting better in this life than make the right decision, same case for photography, noting is better than buy the right Digital SLR camera, so I highly recommend every one want to buy his/her first DSLR camera to read this article (Best DSLR for Beginners to DSLR photography), because it contain all what you need to know (review-comparison-prices-answer of the most asked question in forums and Yahoo answer …).

I hope that you enjoy reading this article, “entry level dslr cameras, Why? And what to look for before buy one”, please share it with your friends using social media share buttons in left screen, and feel free to ask as any question in comment box, and we will be happy to answer you.

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