Top 6 Best Entry Level DSLR Cameras for 2016

This article “Top 6 Best Entry Level DSLR Cameras for 2016” written by Beno The Photographer for NikonD3200News.


In this article, i do a hard work and deep research that take from me hours, to found out the 6 best entry level DSLR cameras in the market, so like that you will not be confused with the huge numbers/models/brands of Entry level DSRL cameras, because you have between your hand a list of the 6 best ones.
That's Not all, i prepare for you some recommendation and a "DSLR buying guide", that will help you more in making a clear and easy buying decision.


- Entry level DSLR camera Body or even a Full frame body is nothing without their photography Lenses, so at less be sure that your Budget allows you to get the body and a standard lens 18-55mm (standard lens work great with any DSLR body, because it is close to the focal length of human eyes).
- Some accessories are secondary but important and highly recommended by all photographers as a bag to protect your DSLR equipment and so On.
Take a look to the Available DSLR accessories.

DSLR Buyer Guide:

Take a paper and Pen, and answer the questions in the image below.
Note: It is hard to make a fixed Budget, so it is ok to make it a Range (Ex: 200$ to 400$); And i picked just the DSLR cameras from the most successful and popular brand names Nikon & Canon, because for that particular brand, you will found enough lenses, accessories, guides, Books, Online tutorial, spare parts in case of crashes.


You are in a hurry!

If you look for a quick answer to your question about the best entry level DSLR camera for 2015/2016, i Suggest for you Nikon D3200, because it is easy to use, rated as best dslr for everyday photography, have a low price, high mega pixel (24.4 MP) and produce and amazing image quality.
Take a Look to Nikon D3200 + 18-55 Lens [13% OFF & Free shipping at].
But if you have time, please read this article till the end, it will take just few minutes.

1- List of Top 6 Best entry Level DSLR Cameras, with small review for each one:

Top 6 is Nikon D90:

entry-level-Dslr-cameras-Nikon D90-best-buy
Nion D90 
Nikon D90 entry level DSLR camera come in 2008 to change the whole life of DSLR cameras by introducing for the first time the Video recording ability and self-cleaning sensor (by using vibrations to shake away dust that can affect quality of photos), this camera have a lot of positive points, as the continuous shooting speed is 4.3 frames per second ..., so that’s why Nikon D90 take the “Pioneer” name in photography, and save it high price, also it’s still highly recommended by professional photographers.
Nikon D90 entry level DSLR camera Come with 12.3 MP, and DX-format CMOS sensor, D-movie mode, and 3 inch LCD screen with super-density 920,000-dot color.

Read: Nikon D90 Full review.

Top 5 is Canon EOS Rebel SL1 (100D):

Canon Eos 100D
Canon SL1 Digital SLR Camera also known as 100D, come in 2013, with 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, and HD video recording for a limit of 29 min, And an excellent touchscreen LCD …
This camera is very small compare to other DSLRs bodies, with a well-made Grip, that what make it the best DSLR camera in small to medium hands.

Read: Canon EOS Rebel SL1 (or 100D) Full Review.

Top 4 is Nikon D3200  (Best for Beginners):

Nikon d3200 best and low price
Nikon D3200
Nikon D3200 camera come in 2012 with latest DSLR technologies for a very low price, that what make it the best seller DSLR in all online retailers as and till now.
Nikon D3200 have 24.2 MP and a large CMOS sensor, also it is very simple to use, thanks to the “Guide mode” made by pro photographers for help beginners to DSLR technology to use the D3200 in different situations.
I think that Nikon D3200 is the Best Camera for beginners to DSLR photography, and a Good DSLR to begin with.

Read: Nikon D3200 Full review.

Top 3 is Canon EOS 60D:

Canon EOS 60D
Canon ESO 60D is another entry level DSLR camera that take number 3 in our Top 6 list because it make excellent image quality even at High ISOs, it have a very good shaped and comfortable hand grip, and a very good video graphed 3.0 inch Articulated LCD screen with 1,040,000 dots; this camera known as "Super Rebel" at the photographers.
Canon EOS 60D come in 2010 with 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor that assure a good image quality and HD (high definition) 1080p - 720p video output with wide range of control and external mic port, It can be great entry level Camera for beginner to DSLR photography who Love Canon cameras, While it is not good for semi pro photographers that search about sophistical equipment.

Read: Canon EOS 60D Full review.

Top 2 is Canon Rebel T5i:

Canon Rebel T5i
Canon Rebel T5i is another amazing entry level DSLR camera from Canon, it’s come in 2013 without lot of upgrade from previous models, the only major noticeable feature is the well-designed and Comprehensive 3" articulating touch screen interface.
Canon Rebel T5i can take a very good image quality for both stills and video shooting like all Canon DSLR cameras do, that’s what make it a great entry level Digital SLR camera for photographers that care about image quality – manual control and love the option to use a touchscreen interface.

Read: Canon Rebel T5i Full Review.

Top 1 is Nikon D5200 (Best investment):

Top 1 DSLR Camera Nikon D5200
The head of Top 6 Best entry level DSLR cameras will be Nikon D5200 because it contain exactly what an Entry level Digital SLR camera need to have, beginning by a high resolution 24 MP and a large DX-Format CMOS sensor that insure excellent image quality with lot of details captured in both in JPEG and RAW files, without forget an 3" vari-angle LCD with 921 thousand-dots, and Wi-Fi for sharing or remote control the camera, also Nikon D5200 is GPS compatible.
Nikon D5200 have a very beautiful small body, so it is great for photographer that love to capture details with Good quality, and enjoy using the Vari-angle LCD while taking videos and even stills.
Nikon D5200 will be the best investment that you will make, because you will get an all in one equipment, that can do anything for you from HDSLR (video using dslr camera), to taking a stunning amazing photos in any situation while enjoying the latest technology as WI-FI, GPS, Touch vary angle LCD screen and so much more.

Read: Nikon D5200 Full Review.

Here is the End of this small review about 10 Best entry level DSLR cameras, and take a look to that table below, it resumat all the information, so it will be easy for you to compare.

2- Table that compare closely The 10 Best entry level DSLR cameras for 2014:

Top Name Rate Image
Price Buy Now
With 18-55mm
#1 Nikon D5200
Very Recommended*
Low Price*
9.90 10.00 $430 [45% OFF - SAVE $362.95
& Free shipping - Only 6 left in Stock]
#2 Canon T5i 9.48 9.38 $650 [19% OFF - SAVE $150.00
& Free Shipping]
#3 Canon 60D 9.10 9.00 $1240 [2 left in stock
& Free Shipping]
#4 Nikon D3200
8.85 9.25 $440 [16% OFF - SAVE $8300
& Free Shipping]
#5 Canon SL1 8.50 9.00 $490 [29% OFF - SAVE $200.00
& Free Shipping]
#6 Canon D90 8.00 7.75 $750 [37% OFF - SAVE $449.00
& Free Shipping]


I hope that you enjoy reading this article “Top 6 Best Entry Level DSLR Cameras for 2016”, and more important is that i help you to decide which entry level Digital SLR camera you should buy.
If you still not sure about which dslr to buy, please take a look to this article: Best entry level DSLR camera for beginners.

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