The Ultimate Guide To Nikon D3200 Accessories (13 necessary Pieces)

List of Accessories For Nikon D3200, Lenses, Tripod, Storage, Lighting, Cleaning, Protection, power... Read More
Nikon D3200 Accessories

Nikon D3200 is a great Entry Level DSLR camera, with low price, 24 mp and a large sensor, it Meet the needs of amateur photographers, and even professionals.
For improve its working and quality, keep it clean, and have more fun while using it, it is recommended to purchase some Essential Nikon D3200 Accessories.
So, This article combines everything you need from the most important DSLR accessories as Lenses, to the most recommended Accessories as the cleaning Kit.

Note: All links in this article lead to the most trusted online store,; Also we choose for you just the best products and Price.

Some Questions about Nikon D3200 Accessories:

  • What Accessories are available for the D3200?
  • Which ones should I buy?
  • Is a tripod necessary?
  • Do I need a camera bag? 
  • Which one do I need?
  • Why spend money on additional removable DSLR flash when there is flash on my camera?
In this Article i will Answer all this question, and we will cover: (click the button)
1- Lenses 2- Power accessories 3- Storage and back up accessories 4- Protection & cleaning 5- Lighting accessories and more ...

I- Essential Nikon D3200 Accessories:

1- Best Lenses/Lens for Nikon D3200 (Zoom, Telephoto, macro, wide angle...)


The Nikon D3200, or any other DSLR Camera, is nothing without its lenses. Without them, you get poor quality photos, so DSLR lenses are high necessary items to make the most of the DSLR body, also they allows you to try more kind of photography (Wild life, Landscapes, Macro ...) that you can't do with one lens, without forget that they can help you with 70% into improving your photography skills.
Bellow i will Put a List Of Recommended Nikon D3200 Lenses (100% Compatible with Nikon D3200).

Note For making this article short and useful, I covered lenses In a separate article; read it from Here: All About Compatible lenses for Nikon D3200, don't forget to Bookmark it in your navigator, for future use.

2-Nikon D3200 Tripod:

Nikon entry level tripod accessories

Tripod for Nikon D3200 is one element in the list of Nikon D3200 accessories that you can take photos without, but it is highly recommended for photographers that take landscape or sports photos, because the shots they take need to be very stable. 
A tripod will let you focus on shooting the right moments, not on keeping the camera stable, especially if you use a big DSLR zoom lens. Therefore, a Nikon D3200 Tripod will be helpful in many situations, and will aid you in taking amazing photos. 
Advice for avoid cons: Choose a carbon fiber tripod if you travel for reduced weight.

Buy (recommended): Vista by David & Sanford [Low price & 10-year warranty + Tripod Bag]. Easy to transport and use, and it supports lot of DSLR bodies so you do not need to change it if you change your Digital SLR camera.
Or Read: Top 6 Tripod For Nikon D3200 Finally revealed

Ball Head
If you own a tripod, you can add to it an amazing little accessory that will give you a nearly infinite level of adjustability; it is a Ballhead.
Note: Find out how many pounds a ball head holds before you buy it, because some are made for lightweight cameras.
See the Best Ballhead: CowboyStudio Ballhead support 406 g.

3- Lighting DSLR accessories:

A.Nikon D3200 external Flash:


Whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner, I am sure you know that nothing can upgrade the quality of your photos more than light. By using the built-in Nikon D3200 flash you only get strong, direct light, that make your photos look ugly.
By using an external flash for Nikon D3200, the light shines away from your subject, and you get beautiful photos. Other reason for owning an external flash is that when using your DSLR in shaded places, at night, or in bad weather, the built-in flash is not strong enough, especially if your subject is far from your camera. By owning an external flash, you will add a completely different dimension to your photos.

Buy Now (Recommended): Mobile Flash for Nikon D3200 or any other DSLR body Neewer TT560 Flash [#1 Best Seller with 52% OFF - SAVE $32.96].

B.Softbox for Speedlight:


As I said before, light is important to your pictures, and you can achieve a very soft look with reduced shadow definition with a Softbox or (flash diffuser). It is a tool made for distributing the light after it passes through a center-weighted frosted diffuser, so the light of the flash can be softened and more evenly distributed.
These are some of the best softboxes:
Buy: LimoStudio 700W [59% OFF & Free shipping].
See: More Softbox (design and price) Click Here.

If you find the Softbox too big for your photography needs, you can buy a small one; it is called a Mini Softbox (they do the same job as the big one).
Buy: Mini Softbox NEEWER 6’ x 8’ [#1 Best seller and 29% OFF]

C.Light reflectors:

As their name indicates, these DSLR accessories are used to reflect light while you take portraits or outdoor photos. With them, you can direct light exactly where you want it to be from any source (natural as Sun/Moon, or artificial).
Buy: the best-selling light reflector Neewer 43-inch [With bag & Free shipping & 57% OFF]

4- Nikon D3200 Protection accessories:

Do I Need a Nikon D3200 Case, Bag, or Backpack? 


Maybe you bought the Nikon D3200 bundle that already contains a DSLR Bag. However, if you have no DSLR bag or you want to buy a new one, here is some useful information:
Nikon D3200 case or bag is a very important item, to protect your Digital SLR camera when you are not using it. In addition, a Nikon D3200 travel bag is very important when you take a long trip (let your back support the weight of the photography equipment and not your hand). Always be sure to buy a DSLR camera bag/backpack that is:
  • Comfortable 
  • Made from very good materials
  • Big enough to take two lenses/batteries/mobile flash/memory cards
  • Able to support a tripod if you have one or plan to buy one
  • Nikon d3200 waterproof case
[BACKPACK] Buy: Best Seller DSLR backpack [Low Price & Free shipping]
[CASE] Buy: Case Logic SLRC-201 [50% OFF - SAVE $25.10] Different size available At Case Logic.
Or See: More Models of DSLR/SLR Camera Bags/backpack.

A.Nikon D3200 Neck Strap


This useful little accessory can hang the DSLR camera around your neck. You can use it if you visit somewhere and you want enjoy the view while taking photos of the beautiful places. By using a DSLR neck strap, your camera will be safe, while allowing you to use it easily and quickly, without removing it from your neck. The neck strap needs to be strong, made of good material, and able to prevent the camera from bouncing. A good one is the Pro Loop strap made by op/tech. It is little expensive, but you will never need another DSLR neck strap, even if you upgrade your camera.

B.Camera Grip Strap for Nikon D3200:


This is one of the best, easiest, and most comfortable ways to carry and protect your camera while you use it.
Buy: Movo photo Grip Strap [59% OFF]

C.Nikon D3200 Camera Pistol Grip with Trigger for Shutter Release:

This accessory lets you control your camera using only one hand, while making the camera feel more balanced in your hand and more stable.

D.DSLR Sung-it camera skin for Nikon D3200:


There are many options for protecting your camera while you are busy shooting. Not all of these options are both good and comfortable. Nothing is better than the Sung-it camera skin. They are specifically designed for each DSLR body, so you do not need to take them off before you use your camera or to access any of the controls.
Buy: the Best Nikon D3200 camera skin, made by Easycover [Only 11 left in stock]

E.Nikon D3200 Stretchy Wrap:

This DSLR Stretchy Wrap protects your camera from damage and dust when it is not in use.
Buy: Xit Stretchy Wrap [13% OFF].

F.Protective Pouch Set for DSLR Camera Lens:

Lenses are very expensive, and 60% of them are made of glass. It is crucial to protect your investment in them. The best way to do that is by using a pouch set. They are soft inside and have thick walls, so they ensure your lenses are safe.
Buy: Altura pouch set [#1 best seller & 58% OFF].

I.Rain Cover for Nikon D3200 & other DSLR Cameras:

A rain cover allows you to take pictures in even the worst weather without damaging your equipment.
Buy: Altura photo Proraincover [#1 best seller & 50% OFF].

G. Nikon D3200 Underwater/Waterproof Case:


If you like to take Nikon D3200 underwater for any reason, you need a waterproof case; There is a pro option that cost a lot of money as Ikelite Pro Underwater housing for Nikon D3200 [Free Shipping with 16% OFF - SAVE $254.18], it is for pro underwater photography in deep places; But if you want to take pictures just for fun in pool or beach, there is a cheap option Zonman Universal Waterproof Case [55% OFF - SAVE $49.01]

5-Nikon d3200 External Mic (Microphone):

DSLR External Microphones For Nikon D3200 are important if you make HDSLR video (taking videos using your DSLR camera). With this Nikon D3200 accessory, you will be able to capture clean sounds, instead of capturing the sound of your zoom motor or clicking buttons.

Buy Now: The Original Nikon ME-1 Mic [29% OFF - SAVE $54]
See Other: Similar Cheap External mic compatible with Nikon.

6-Nikon D3200 Guide/Book/Tutorial for a fast learning process:


If you look for a fast way to learn photography, master your DSLR camera and taking outstanding photos, you need to invest in this 3 steps:

Step One: Nikon D3200 For Dummies
It is a Book, talk about Nikon D3200 in detail, cover each option, each button, each feature, settings and so on, so instead of learning by discovering, take this book, and master how to use your Nikon D3200 in few days.
Buy(recommended): Nikon D3200 For Dummies

Step Two: Nikon D3200 Cards for Tips and Tricks
Nikon D3200 Cards for tips and tricks

A bunch of plastic cards, that you can clipped in your photography bag, or your camera, contain a very essential information about photography with Nikon, like shooting setting for each scenario and more.
Buy(recommended): Nikon Cheat Sheet [Low Price - Important accessory]

Step Three: Online Photography Course
Master your DSLR camera is not enough for taking outstanding photos, because you need to know the basics of photography like "type of photography, exposure, depth of field ...," so here it comes the role of Photography courses.
You have two option, Going to a photography school [Need time and Money] or Following an Online Photography course [Learning from the comfort of your home].
There are lot of bad quality online photography courses, the one that i trust and can Recommend is Photography Masterclass by Evan [Well know Photographer with 30 days money back guaranty], and here is a detailed article about Top online photography courses for 2017 Click Here.

7- Nikon D3200 shutter release (Known as: Wireless remote control):


This very good accessory lets you take pictures without even touching the camera (looking only at the LCD screen), you really need it if you own a Tripod or you plan to buy a new one.

8- Nikon D3200 wireless Mobile adapter or Wi-Fi adapter known as WU-1A:

This wonderful addition to your Nikon D3200 accessories allows you to share your images with your friends on social media without connecting the camera to a computer (via cable) or flash memory reader. Also its help to:
  • Take picture remotely using your smart phone (with the free application)
  • Live view
  • Transfer files wirelessly
  • Download images from camera
Buy: Nikon WU-1A wireless adapter [Free Shipping].

9- Full Color Filter Kit:


You put one filter set in front of your camera lens, and the magic will happen, because this filter will change the light that your camera was capturing. Using these DSLR color filters will give you much fun, and make you want to play with your DSLR camera much more. 
Buy: K&F 18 Color filter kit [46% OFF].

10- Nikon D3200 Storage accessories:

A-Nikon D3200 Memory Card (SD card): 

Memory cards are a necessity For Nikon D3200 or any other DSLR, because without them you cannot take even a single picture. When it comes to buying a memory card for your DSLR camera, you should pay attention to two features:
i.Size: Depending on how long you want to use your DSLR camera before transferring images to external hard drive or your computer, you will need a memory card with at least 8-16 GB of storage. I always recommend a 64 GB card, though, because the files that the Nikon D3200 produces are large (4-8 MB per photo).
ii.Speed: Unless you are a professional photographer, spending extra money on a faster card is a waste.
Other Recommendations: Buy a spare card or an external hard river and back up your files often so you do not lose all your work.

See: Very Fast transfer Lexar Professional [36% OFF].

B.Card reader: 

This very important accessory should always be in your bag. With it, you can take photos from your memory card any time you need more space.

C.Memory Card Wallet:

This keeps all your memory cards in one place, instead of searching them in bag pockets.
Buy: Eco-Fused 8 pages & 22 Slots [Very Low Price with 34% OFF].

D.Backup Solution:


Use an external hard drive 3.0 (best brand is WD) for back up your files in case of a crash. Video and photo files can be space-hogs, so make sure you have enough room.

There are different sizes (1TB, 2TB, 4TB), and two types, "My Book" little hard to transport, and "My Passport" that you can take it with you in your bag. (See the picture); the both have online could storage feature.

Buy: WD My Book [40% OFF] Or See: My Book studio [29% OFF] for Mac users.
Buy: WD My Passport (easy to transport) [26% OFF]

11- Nikon D3200 Power Accessories:

A-Nikon D3200 Replacement Battery Grip:


Suffer from low battery problem because you take lot of photos? So The Replacement Battery Grip allows you to put two batteries in at one time. You can also use the shutter button in bottom of the grip, by connecting the cable.
Buy: Battery grip [50% OFF].

B-Nikon d3200 replacement battery (second):


Buy: Click Here.

C-Nikon D3200 Charger:


Buy: Click Here.

12- DSLR camera Cleaning Accessories:

Keep your camera body and lenses clean, an enjoy Photos without spots, by investing in a Professional Cleaning Kit [Very Low Price - Huge benefits] that contain accessories such as the “Air Blower Cleaner“  lens tissue paper, brush, and more.

13- Photo Printer For Photographers:


By investing 300$ or little more, you can own a photo printer, as that you can give life to the best moments that you already shooted.
See the Best photo printer series made by Canon PIXMA Pro-100 [29% OFF you SAVE $145].

14- Nikon D3200 Software:

One of the Best investments that a photographer can make is photo-editing software. Great choice is Lightroom. These give you the control to manage color and exposure in ways that basic software pre-installed on your computer or camera cannot. The best photo editing software is Photoshop.
Buy Now: Adobe Lightroom 6.

Photo Editing Online Course
Photo Editing is a Skill that each photographer should to know about, Take a look to this Course: Learn Photo Editing - 32 Pro Tutorials.

15- Nikon D3200 accessories kit:

If you look around in photography blogs/sites/forums, you will see the phrase “Nikon D3200 accessory Kit.” It means a bundle of items that will help you use your lenses (color, focal length, zoom), and keep them clean.

Look at this Best Selling Nikon D3200 Accessory: Kit 52 MM complete accessory kit For Nikon DSLR [Best Seller & You save 40%].

16- Nikon D3200 Accessories Bundle:

Nikon D3200 accessories are plentiful and varied. If you buy them one-by-one, you will face a very hard and costly mission. Why take it if there is somebody else does the job for you? All you need is the Nikon D3200 Accessories Bundle to get the accessories you need in one purchase. The people who made this DSLR Accessories bundle are professional photographers, so they put only the necessities in.
Look at this List of: Top Nikon DX Accessories Bundle.

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  1. Hey thanks for this wonderful blog.. It is so complete and organized. I will start collecting these accessories one by one!

    1. lol, go ahead LALIT, this accessories will give you a wonderful time.

  2. Quick question in regards to the 52mm accessory kit-- very amateur photographer here. I have the Nikon D3200 with the starter lens (18-55mm VR lens) and a Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G Fixed Lens with Auto Focus. Will the accessory kit work with either of my lenses? Or, is it only compatible with a 52mm lens? And, if it isn't compatible with either of my lenses is there a kit that you'd recommend? Thanks for your help! This list is fantastic!

    1. HI Tj, thanks for your comment.
      So there is a big different between the focal length of the lens, and the size of mouth of the camera; So when we said 18-55mm lens this mean a lens that have a focal length vary from 18mm to 55mm; On the other hand
      when we said a 52mm accessory kit, it mean the size of mouth of the camera, each Brand have it own mouth size, so 52mm is the size of all Nikon entry level DSLR camera D3xxx, and D5xxx, go ahead and get it, it is the one that works for Nikon D3200.

    2. Tj, the best way to learn photography, is by flowing a course or classes, so found the closes photography school to you and learn the basics, if you can't because of time or ...; I suggest you the online course Photography masterclass : Ebook + videos. (it is the accessory number 6 in this list).
      good luck

  3. Hi Beno,

    I bought a Tiffen Davis and Sanford Vista Explorer 60-inch tripod with a 3-way pan head. I also bought a Beike BK03 ball head. But I am not able to remove the pan head off the tripod. I shopped both the things at Amazon Germany.

    My BK03 ball head has a standard 3/8 female screw. Can you suggest me a tripod that has a removable pan head so I can use either head as desired?


    1. x-) Welcome back Lalit, the tripod you buy don't need a ball head, because he already contain one, so if you really want to use BK03 Ball head, you need a fixed part Tripod as
      i am not sure from my answer, maybe you can remove the part from your tripod and make it fixed then use the ball head on it, also try to search in amazon about this "Quick Release Plate For Davis & Sanford Vista Explorer "
      good luck bro

  4. I am jst a beginner so i have a quarry that is 70-300mm lens compatible with nikon D3200

    1. Yes, it is, just be sure that it have AF-S and VR (for reduce vibration). Good luck

  5. Very good information about photography.... Thanks a lot