Canon t3i vs Nikon D3200 Pros and Cons of each camera

In this short article we will see the major difference between These two wild rivals Canon t3i Vs Nikon D3200, like that it will be easy for you to pick the right Digital SLR camera without struggle with the deep details and features of each one.
Note: the full name of Canon T3i is Canon EOS 600D rebel T3i, it is known as Canon 600D in Europe.
Canon t3i vs Nikon D3200 

Canon EOS 600D rebel T3i Pros and Cons

Canon Rebel T3i (600D)


Canon t3i (18 MP) have a variable angle screen (it is useful while taking videos), and it provide a good image/video quality, and its have a fast auto focus with viewfinder.


Canon EOS 600D Rebel T3i have a slow video auto focus, and while recording videos its internal mic will pick up focus noise, without forget that Canon T3i price is little high than its competitor Nikon D3200.

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Nikon D3200 Pros and Cons:

Nikon D3200 18-55mm


Nikon D3200 is a camera with (24 MP) and a large sensor compared to the previous camera Canon T3i, that’s what allow the D3200 to Performs well and delivers great images especially in high ISOs.
Nikon D3200 have a Guide Mode for beginners that’s what make it an easy to use camera, and the best entry level DSLR for beginners.


Nikon D3200 have a fixed LCD screen (not flexible while taking videos) and Small pentamirror viewfinder, and No built-in AF motor so you can't auto-focus with non AF-S lenses (Meaning: the camera body have no Autofocus Motor, so the Lens that you buy need to have an Inbuilt autofocus motor for you can zoom automatically, and if you buy lenses without AF-S you will need to zoom manually - Read: Nikon D3200 Compatible lenses Bible.).
Last cons is that you can see some Slight blue cast on LCD screen in some lighting conditions.

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Canon T3i vs Nikon D3200 image and video quality

Image quality:

See this two photos and compare the Canon T3i VS Nikon D3200 image quality by yourself.
(Woman with orange hair: Nikon D3200) (Woman with brown hair: Canon T3i).
Note: Click in the picture for see the see the image in real Size.

Video quality:

Here is two videos, for you can compare the Canon T3i VS Nikon D3200 video quality.
Note: Choose 1080P in YouTube setting for see the videos in the real form.

Summary of Canon T3i VS Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200 came in 2012, contain 24MP and a large sensor and fixed LCD screen, while Canon Eos 600D rebel T3i came in 2011, contain 18MP and a rotate screen, so the result of Canon T3i VS Nikon D3200 is that:

  • Nikon D3200 is the good camera for you if you are a beginner to DSLR cameras world, and have a low budget and you want to use the camera for take pictures because the D3200 product great Picture with beautiful colors.
  • Canon EOS T3i is the good DSLR for you if you are interesting in HDSLR (taking videos using a DSLR camera) because the rotate screen will help you a lot while you recording your videos, also it can product a good image quality.


Nikon D5200 18-55mm
If you look for a DSLR Camera with a rotate screen and latest technology plus 24 MP as Nikon D3200, you need to go with Nikon D5200 (almost have same price as Canon T3i) because it is Great camera with lot of features but it need some skills to use it, because it is not easy to use as Nikon D3200.
Nikon D5200 should be an upgrade from Nikon D3200 or Canon EOS 600D Rebel T3i, this mean that when you learn how to use a basic DSLR go for an advance one for upgrade your skills and your photography work.

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