Nikon D3200 vs Canon t3i which one is better?

After you do a deep research and long looking into Digital SLR cameras, you go out with a small list that contain this two DSLR cameras : Nikon D3200 and Canon EOS rebel T3i (known as Canon EOS 600D in Europe), so because they have almost the same price range, you would want to know which one is better than the other, and that’s what make this question “Nikon D3200 vs Canon t3i ?” one of the most asked question in the web, it’s interest anyone want to buy his/her first DSLR camera and anyone want to begin photography using Digital SLR camera, so in this short post we will answer it and give you enough information that will help you to make the best buying decision.
Nikon D3200 vs Canon t3i Comparison
Let’s start this comparison with small introduction to each DSLR camera!

Canon EOS Rebel T3i (600D)


This beautiful entry level DSLR camera came in February 6, 2011 with a 18MP and APS-C CMOS sensor, and a 3,7 frames/sec continuous shooting without forget the ISO that begin from 100 to 6400 and it can expandable to 12800.
The video feature In Canon t3i is very good, thanks to the Articulated LCD screen (3.0 inch + 1040,000 dost) that help a lot while make videos (1080p HD).

Nikon D3200


Is the beautiful Entry level DSLR camera made by Nikon Company, came in April 18, 2012 like a strong competitive for the Canon T3i (600D).
Nikon D3200 came with 24 MP and a large CMOS DX-format sensor, the continuous shooting is 4 frames/sec, and the camera contain a Beginner-friendly Guide mode that help a lot in "how to use the camera" for beginners.
The video feature and ISO is almost same as Canon T3i, but the screen in the D3200 (3.0 inch LCD that contain 920,000 dots) is fixed.

Nikon D3200 vs Canon Rebel t3i Image quality

by comparing the sensor in the DXomark site, we found that Nikon D3200 have a large sensor than Canon T3i, and because the D3200 have more megapixel (24MP near 18MP), so it is very clear that Nikon D3200 provide a better image quality (Great color depth ) especially in Low noise at high ISO Than Canon T3i.
Note: click to see the image in the real quality.
  • Woman with Orange hair (Nikon D3200).
  • Woman with brown hair (Canon T3i known as 600D).


Nikon D3200 vs canon t3i video quality

The video quality is almost same but Canon T3i is better than Nikon D3200 in video because it have a rotate screen that will let you shoot videos comfortably and from all sides.
Note: While you take videos, you need to move your camera left and right and up and down, so if you have a rotate screen you can just move your camera and point it to the subject while point your screen to your eyes, like this you get the great result with the less effort.

Video examples for Nikon D3200 and Canon t3i in 1080p

Note: (in youtube seetings choose 1080p not (240p or 360p) for see the video as it was taken).

1- Nikon D3200 Video test 1080p

2- Canon eos rebel t3i (600d) video test 1080p

Nikon D3200 vs canon t3i Price comparison

Here in this part we will compare the price of the two cameras (without lenses body only) so Nikon D3200 is around $309.99 while Canon T3i is around $479.00, so we can say that Nikon D3200 is less with 35% than Canon T3i.

Compare the prices with 18-55mm lens:

  • Canon EOS T3i (600D) + 18-55 mm price is : $539.95.
  • Nikon D3200 + 18-55 mm price is : $446.95.

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Summary about Compare Nikon D3200 and canon t3i

We hope that we help you with a valuable information, so the short answer for Nikon d3200 vs canon t3i which is better? is that Nikon D3200 provide better image quality than Canon T3i and it is almost easy to use and the best for beginners that would like to begin DSLR photography, without forget that the D3200 have the low price and the small body/weigh.
In video or HDSLR, the Canon T3i is better because the rotate screen will help you a lot, so if you are interesting in shooting videos we suggest to buy a camcorder that is made for take only videos “take pictures in camcorder is an optional features”, or if you would a DSLR it’s ok to go with Canon T3i but you should know that take videos in DSLR cameras is optional, because its first purpose is to  take high quality photos.

Best Deals For Nikon D3200 & Canon T3i (600D):

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