Canon rebel T3i VS Nikon D3200, Which DSLR camera is better?

One of the cheap and the best DSLR cameras for beginners, is Canon Rebel T3i (known as Canon EOS 600D in Europe) and Nikon D3200, so that’s why people always search about which one is better for begin with, and here in this short post ”Canon rebel T3i VS Nikon D3200”, I will make a deep comparison between this two amazing digital slr cameras for helping you to pick the right one.

Canon rebel T3i VS Nikon D3200, Which DSLR camera is better?

Compare Canon Rebel T3i VS Nikon D3200:

this table regroup all features & price of each DSLR camera, Canon Rebel T3i in left and Nikon D3200 in right.

rebel T3i
Come in February 6, 2011 April 18, 2012
Resolution 1,040k dots 921k dots
FLip-out-Screen Yes No
Screen LCD LCD
Viewfinder 0,53x 0,52x
Image quality 65.0 81.0
Low noise at high ISO 793 ISO 1.131 ISO
Dynamic range 11,5EV 13,2 EV
Color depth 22,1 bits 24,1 bits
Video autofocus None Contrast detection
Startup delay 1500 ms 400 ms
Battery life 440 shots 540 shots
Shoots speed 3.7fps 4 fps
Focus points 9 11
Shutter lag 283 ms 276 ms
Size 133x99x79 mm 125x96x76 mm
Thin 3,1" 3"
Weight 570 g 505 g
Lenses number 197 lenses 205 lenses
Price Around $550 Around $440
Rate 58/100 74/100
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Summary of comparison between Canon rebel T3i vs Nikon D3200:

it is clear from the comparison between Canon Rebel t3i and Nikon D3200 that the D3200 is newest and have a better image quality and great color depth, and a low noise at high ISO, without forget the small size / weight / price... and much more, While the Canon T3i have a high resolution (1040k dots) flip-out screen that will help you a lot in making HDSLR (make movies/video using DSLR).
->You want a better Camera with Flip-out-screen: Go with Nikon D5200.

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