Top 5 nikon d3200 lens you must have sooner or later

What are the best Nikon d3200 lens? Is a question that has been asked by a lot of Nikon DSLR camera users in forums and Social media.
The reason behind Searching for the best Nikon d3200 lens, is that when someone want to buy a new photographic Lens, he/s found in the markets lot of lenses with different focal lengths and options, so because the prices is high, he/s want to ask someone that have experience with lenses, for point him/her to the right Lens that fit his/her needs.
 Because choosing one lens is hard, we list here 5 best Nikon d3200 lens that any photographer need to own, and just for remind you, this is the 5th and last article, in our "Nikon D3200 lenses lessons", so in the first one i cover basic information about Nikon d3200 lenses (as meaning of AF-S , ED ….), while in second one i cover the two categories of lenses (Prime lenses and Zoom lenses) Pros and cons of each category, and in the 3th one i share a very long list of Nikkor (lens made by Nikon) lenses for Nikon d3200, and in the 4th article i made a list for similar Nikon d3200 lens made by 3rd party company as Sigma and Tamron and … (this lens have a nice quality and a low price), so if you don’t read any one!, please take few minutes and go and read them because they contain valuable information you really need know them for choosing the right Nikon entry level DSLR lens.
Top 5 Nikon D3200 lens
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Top 1 Nikon D3200 Lens is the standard one (kit lens) 18-55mm

The standard lens (Also know as Kit lens) is just great and cool for every day shooting, and good lens to begin white, so i think that all photographers have it because its sell with Nikon D3200 body, while if you don’t have it i recommend you to buy it, it comes in 3 version the old one without VR option (read last article for understand what is mean VR), while second come with VR option and the latest one come with VRII option, so let’s your budget show you which one to buy because the more you pay the more you get more.

Buy Now a kit lens:
- Avoid Nikon 18-55mm ED II (old one close to 90$).
- Nikon 18-55mm VR (close to 190$).
- Suggested: Nikon 18-55mm VR II (close to 240$).

Top 2 Nikon D3200 Lens is Nikkor 35mm 1.8

This lens is champion, i really love it, because it have lot of special things as its focal length that is close to human eyes, that’s mean you can use it always as example in holidays, in school, at home, in garden … also it have one fixed focal length so the way it push you to use this focal length 35mm (no zoom option) and moving to your subject for take the best shoot instead of zooming, make you learn the basic of photography and master shooting, and believe me when you learn how to shoot with open specific focal length you can use any lens in future, so buy this small beast lens and have fun with it.

Buy Now (Recommended): Nikon 35mm 1.8G [Free Shipping].

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Top 3 Nikon D3200 Lens is Nikkor 55-200mm

This lens is very popular and you can found it in all shops, because as i said all owner of DSLR cameras have the Standard lens 18-55mm so by owning a 55-200mm they jump to telephoto photography and complete their focal length range to 200mm.

Advice about 55-200mm vs 55-300mm: Not all owner of DSLR cameras go till 300mm, even they don’t go till 200mm, so i always suggest the Nikkor 55-200mm for beginners to telephoto lens, and if you see that you really need more Zoom, go and buy a Prime telephoto lens (i think you will never need lot of zoom and big focal length as 300mm only if you decide to become pro in wild photography or something else).
Pro: Cover a very long focal length from 18mm to 200mm with just two lenses in your bag.

Buy Now: Nikon 55-200mm ED IF VR lens [8% OFF mean you SAVE 20$ & Free shipping].

Top 4 Nikon D3200 lens that have (low price) is Sigma lens 18-250mm:

This is all in one Zoom lens, perfect for who have only Nikon D3200 body or any Nikon entry level DSLR camera as D5200/D3300, so it is an all in one Zoom lens from 18mm to 250mm, this mean one lens in your bag that cover a very big range of focal length, and it is in my list of “Top 5 Nikon D3200 lens that any photographer need to own”, because it’s great and it have a low price compared to NikKOR all in one Zoom lens, so think about buy it, you will never regret.

Buy Now: Sigma 18-250mm HSM lens [36% OFF mean you SAVE 200.00$].

Top 5 Nikon D3200 lens that have (More low price) is Tamron lens 18-200mm:

You could Not buy Sigma because its look expansive for you, Don’t feel unlucky, because i found for you a beautiful other all-in-one-zoom lens made by the 3rd party company Tamron, so believe me Tamron do a very beautiful work with this lens, and it’s provide nice quality images while it is 200$ less then Sigma, so imagine how much it could be compare to NIKKOR all-in-one-Zoom lens.
Advice: Only your budget allow you to decide which All-in-one-Zoom lens you should buy (you pay more you get more in term of quality and functionality), so if you have a Good budget go for NIKKOR 18-200mm Telephoto all in one Zoom lens, but if you have a low budget you can get the Sigma 18-250mm or Tamron 18-200mm (more cheap).

Buy Now All-in-One-Zoom lens:
-Close to 500$ go with  Nikon 18-200mm ED VR II lens [Free Shipping].
-300$? go with Sigma 18-250mm HSM lens [Free Shipping].
-200$? go with Tamron 18-200mm Di II Lens [Free Shipping].

Here is the end of this article, Which One from This 5 Nikon D3200 lens You own, and which one you would like to Buy, and what you think about this list (order? you think i need to replace a lens with an other ?), please tell us your thought trough the comment section.

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17 June, 2016 22:15 delete

Dear Beno....

Thanks for the details... Im having D3200 with the kit lens and need to have all in one lens like Tamron 18~200 with my budget, but those 2 lenses having bit deferent descriptions on them and im too confused about it as a beginner what is the better one, im not professional doing as a hobby.
1. Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 XR Di-II LD Aspherical (IF) Macro Lens
2. Tamron 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DI 11 VC FOR NIKON F.
can you give me a small description about these two what is the suitable and run all the functions with D3200

or do you recommend any other lens such as Tamron 70~300, bur I prefer 18~200 and the same time want to know, D3200 is having small body using those big lenses can it be any damage to the camera...

waiting for you,
Thanks a lot......

23 June, 2016 17:18 delete

Hello, thanks for your comment, please see this article for more information about your question: