Nikon D3200 Review – away from features

In this article “Nikon D3200 Review” we will talk about my own user experience with Nikon D3200, as how i fined it, what i like and what i dislike about it, and how you will found it, and if it is the better DSLR camera for you,  so i told you all this while i keep you away from features and numbers that you may can’t really understand.
Our D3200 review is about how it shoot, how its take videos, and how its work with different type of lenses and which lenses work on it, and which kind of people need to go with it, and more…; so we will not compare it to other expansive DSLR bodies as Nikon D4, because they are just cameras from different ranges.
Note: you will fined in this Nikon D3200 review different Nikon D3200 samples and a video, for you can see what this camera is able to do.
First, it’s ok to Begin this Nikon D3200 review with some Key features, and here we go, Nikon D3200 Digital SLR camera come with:
  • 24.2 MP DX-format CMOS sensor.
  • Nikon F mount with AF contacts.
  • Clean 3 inch 921k dots VGA LCD screen.
  • Full 1080p HD video recording in (30p – 25p – 24p)
    with a smart auto-focus.
  • ISO 100 to 6400 (can extendable up to 12800).
  • 11 point autofocus system.
  • An active D-Lighting system.
  • 4 fps continuous shooting.
  • An EXPEED 3 image processing engine.
  • System of Scene Recognition.
  • Guide mode for learn easily how to use that camera.
  • A Photo retouch menu.
  • As Bonus you can add Optional Wireless Mobile Adapter.

1-Nikon D3200 DESIGN Review

Nikon D3200 Review - design
We begin this Nikon D3200 review by discussing the design, so The outside design of the camera differ a little bit from Nikon d3100, special in size (d3200 smaller than d3100), and the most noticeable change is the handgrip that have a new acceptable size, also the shutter release button and the top of the grip are placed in more clear angle.
It body is made by a high-impact plastic that have a matte layer relative to it, also there is a rubber coating that cover the handgrip and the thumb.

1.1-How the D3200 Feel in the hand:

the camera feel great, its work very well, the focus is quick, its shoot faster if you want to do multiple frame in second (i personally left it in single shoot mode, because i didn’t want to over shoot, i want to watch the thing and captor the right moment, not taking much pictures then choose the best one - just shoot it-)
so it feels good (i basically stay in manual), the button in the back are very amazing, and we can say that Nikon Do great upgrade in the body compare to the old one (Nikon D3100), also you have a live view button, so just press it and you go to live view mode, and there is the record button up top right next to the INFO button which is similar to what you have in Nikon expensive bodies.

1.2-D3200 Memory card placement:

The memory card came in a separated card slot plus a door in the side of the body, so you can open it and close it without off or remove the battery like other DSLR bodies,  its simple and beautiful and it's very convenient.

2-Nikon D3200 review Performance

nikon D3200 review - performance
The AF system does not come with any bad surprises, because its been used in most previous Nikon DSLRs cameras, so it's prove its cool performer, with a central cross-type AF point very sensitive to the vertical and horizontal details.
The people that are interesting in shooting moving subjects, will be surprised and pleased to learn the 3D-tracking (option in Nikon D5200 class), so tracking your subject as it moves round the frame, and this option is not as advanced as the AF tracking on expensive DSLRs, but it is much more reliable than the systems found in CSCs.

3-D3200 Image quality Review

Nikon D3200 review cover the most important part, the image quality so Thanks to 24.2 MP and the large sensor that help the D3200 to product a great image/video quality that will be more than enough for most people's shooting requirements, and it is almost similar to the quality provided by Nikon D5200.
So in term of focusing, it’s focus great and it’s shoot fast and it’s really do a great job, and the quality of images you getting out of this camera is just amazing.
Take a look: (click in pictures to see them in real size and real image quality).

Nikon-D3200-Image-example-bee Nikon-D3200-Image-example-cat Nikon-D3200-Image-example-dauther Nikon-D3200-Image-example-babie Nikon-D3200-Image-example-nature Nikon-D3200-Image-example-food Nikon-D3200-Image-example-sea-and-boat Nikon-D3200-Image-example-snake
Nikon-D3200-Image-example-white-tiger Nikon-D3200-Image-example-woman-with-red-hair

4-Nikon D3200 dslr SCREEN review

The back screen is enough big and also nice and clear, but sometimes there did seem to be a slight blue cast when reviewing images that it is no  apparent on the images once they be downloaded from the camera, but we can said that the screen is fine, with 921k dot the pictures will not look great in this screen if you compare it to an Iphone screen, but while you upload theme to your computer you can see the magic of this camera, i mean screen of the D3200 is just fine, made for see what you do, not for measure and judge the image or video quality.

5-Nikon D3200 Video Ability

Video is one of the most important features in the camera so we will cover it from all angle in "Nikon D3200 review" so In term of video, the fact that Nikon D3200 has a mic in, its one of the best revolution you can have in a camera like this, that is great feature, so if you looking to shoot videos, this camera can do good job for you, and in fact of plugging an audio (small audio device you put in DSLR camera for capture sound), you can just put your D3200 in video mode and begin capture sound and video.
With the D3200 you can capture great audio and great video without any accessories, so that is a plus, a bonus, that’s an amazing thing.

5.1-The D3200 video Quality

in Nikon D3200 review we see the video quality, so video that came out from this camera is much cleaner and smoother, so you will be really happy with the quality of video that you get out of this camera.

6-Nikon D3200 Battery life

I took the camera in long trip with me, so the battery last so long for me, i took different images and videos, and i only charge it one or twice.

7-Some information about Nikon d3200 compatible Lenses

It accept different lenses (PRIME lenses & Zoom lenses) from different companies, but in case of ZOOM lenses, you need to buy the one that contain Inbuilt focus motor, for they can zooming automatically, because if they don’t contain this motor you need to zoom manually because the Nikon D3200 body don’t contain Inbuilt focus motor, so Always be sure to buy lenses with inbuilt autofocus motor (in case of zoom lenses).

We suggest you to Read: Nikon D3200 Compatible lenses – basic information.

The D3200 come with a Standard lens 18-55 mm, and it is one of the better performing lenses with it, and it's come with the body, like you can get also 55-200 mm Lens if you buy the Best Nikon D3200 Bundle [18-55 mm / 55-200 mm + bag & 36% OFF ], so like that you can cover a long focal length from 18 mm till 200 mm by your both lenses, this mean that you can shoot in any condition and in any situation you will face.
One of the best lenses for beginners to photography, is Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens, i always recommend photographer to own one, anyway they will make this investment sooner or later, and here i will tell you why.
Nikon 35mm 1.8 is not a ZOOM lens as 18-55mm lens, it’s a Prime lens, so it don't allow you to zoom, this mean it force you to use one focal length 35mm,  so that’s mean it’s force you to learn one particular lens, and using one focal length, and i think that when you learn how to use one particular lens, its opens you up to mastering other lenses, so 35mm 1.8 is not expansive lens, and its a lens that you will buy sooner or later as i said before, and its soled out alone, so try to get the Nikon D3200 Bundle for save money and get 2 lenses that cover long focal length from 18- to 200mm, and if you can add the 35mm lens, it will be a great investment for you as a photographer.

Buy: Nikon 35mm 1.8 [Free shipping].

8-Down side of Nikon D3200

in this post “Nikon D3200 Review” i want to point you and show you the down side of this camera so here we go; The File size is large, so if you shooting raw plus jpeg you get 44 megabits for two file, and if you shooting just RAW you look for 29 megabits, and even jpeg are huge from 12 to 14 megabits range, so this is something you should take it in consideration “Bigger image sensor is mean more megapixel and more megapixel equal large file” which take more space in your hard driver. So be sure to buy a large memory card of class 6 or more((for your information: class 2 memory card is suitable for standard-definition video recording while class 4 and 6 and 10 are for High-definition video recording)).

9-Who is Nikon D3200 For

this is the best and most important part in “Nikon D3200 review” so If you are a new photographer, you never touch a DSLR camera before, so it is great option for you, just don't try to over complicate it and said i should get D5100 or this better than this!, MY Recommendation for everybody picking up his first camera, is making a choice, just select a camera and be happy with it, learn the basics of photography and go from there, this is one of the most important thing that i can tell you, don't worry too much about the bodies, just remember that glasses are important, just put a good glasses in front of any camera, you can get great images, and i can tell you that the right DSLR body for you as beginner is Nikon D3200 entry level DSLR camera because it is easy to use, and it will be the best equipment that will introduce you to DSLR world and photography world slowly and smoothly.
So keep it simple: You never touch a DSLR camera! you are a beginner!, go with Nikon D3200, and try to add Nikkon 35mm 1.8 lens if your budget allow, if you could not, its ok, you can do well with the kit lens 18-55mm (also know as standard lens).
If you are pro photographer you can use this camera as B or C angel camera because it have low price, so it can do a good job for you better than sacrifice by using your expansive DSLR bodies.

10-Nikon D3200 Review Summary

Nikon D3200 is a Perfect Beginner DSLR camera, work great for anyone looking to get their first DSLR. so the price is not bad at all for what the camera can offer you: new 24mp sensor, and fast auto focus, and solid HD video and the best thing in this camera is Microphone input for capture sound, so i just can say that this are qualities that you will find in higher end cameras.
this camera is for stay at home mom or dad to someone who always wanted to taking pictures, it's great starting and do not over thinking and over analyzing every single aspect of what a camera can do or can do not.
One last recommendation, The standard lens that come with the camera 18-55mm is just fine for take snap shots, but if you want to get more out of your DSLR camera take a look at the Nikkon 35mm 1.8 lens. because You may not understand the important of good lens right now, but over time you will see that lenses are lot more important than cameras bodies.

-Buy Now Nikon D3200 Best Bundle (two lenses + Bag) [Free shipping & 36% OFF mean you SAVE $283.00]
-Buy Nikkon 35mm 1.8 Lens [Free shipping & 2% OFF ]
-Buy SanDisk Extreme memory card from 16 GB to 256 GB[Free shipping] (32 GB will be enough for you, max 64 GB).

11-You like Nikon D3200 Video review !

See : Nikon D3200 review video YouTube, i am a memory maker.

Here we come to the end of Nikon D3200 review article, i hope you like it, and i hope i cover it from all angel, like i hope that i answer all your question, if NO!, feel free to ask me any question in comment section.

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