Compare Nikon D3200 vs D3300 Which One To Buy!

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Nikon d3200 vs d3300

Photography is a wonderful art; you can taste it and be in love with it, very easily if you begin with the right photography equipment.

One of the most hard times that beginners into photography face, is choosing the right DSLR body to begin with, so they ask many questions, one of them is “Nikon D3200 vs D3300?”, and the reason for asking this question is Because Nikon D3300 is the successor to the Nikon D3200, which has (according to Nikon) updated sensor, an improved image processor, a wide range of ISO and has no built-in low-pass filter; So Let’s Compare and See if Nikon D3300 worth the $100.00 extra in price! Then I will give you a “Golden Method” for choosing the best beginner DSLR camera for you, So Go ahead and read this article.

We will see in this article:

  1. A short review for both cameras.
  2. Comparison.
  3. Main Difference between cameras.
  4. How to Choose between them.
  5. And Finally, we list the best Bundles and Deals for both cameras in the Internet, and a short conclusion.

1-Nikon D3200 – D3300 Short Review:

Nikon D3xxx series, are “DSLR” cameras, from “Entry level” Family, that is made for everyday photography, or beginner photographers.

Cameras in this family are easy to use, lot of complicate setting done automatically; also they produce great image quality and High definition 1080p videos.

Nikon D3200 comes in 2012, to finish the success of it old brother Nikon D3100 that shows up in 2010, while Nikon D3300 comes in 2014 as an upgrade for Nikon D3200.

Read: Nikon D3200 Vs Nikon D3100.

Nikon D3200 Comes with 24MP, CMOS Sensor DX format, EXPEED 3 Processor, extremely good low light performance, and the ability to capture full HD videos, without forget the step by step in guide, which allows you to shooting with the camera very easily.

In the Other Hand, Nikon D3300 comes with almost the same Setting, But a 24.2MP (don’t make any different), EXPEED 4 Processor (make the camera faster), and a Small Body (not very small as we will see below).

2-Compare Nikon D3200 and D3300:

Let’s compare what matter between Nikon D3200 vs D3300.


By Compare Nikon d3200 and d3300 side by side, we see that there is no huge different in size that is immediately noticeable, the only noticeable thing is the 18-55 lens in Nikon D3300 that is more compact than the one in Nikon D3200.

B-Features and WIFI ABILITY:

  • I’d like to begin talking about WI-FI ability into Nikon D3300 and D3200, so both cameras does not have an in built WIFI feature, you still compelled to use the WU-01 accessory for enable Wi-Fi into this two cameras, that’s what make it difficult to choose between them.
  • In features, we can Notice the New “Effects Menu” and “HDR painting mode” that is something that we don’t fined in Nikon D3200, it is an “income edition option”, you may be familiar with this options if you play around with pictures in your Smart phone, as adding more colors and so on …
  • “Easy Panorama Mode” is also a new feature that comes in Nikon D3300, it works as any swipe panorama technology, u press the shoot button and you turn the camera slowly till you get a wide image.
  • Better battery life in Nikon D3300, thanks to the new Nikon battery (already used in 5300 and Nikon DF), this battery have more capacity, so you will be able to get more 200 shoots using Nikon D3300 rather than Nikon D3200.
  • Also, Nikon D3300 is able to shoot faster, thanks to the new Processor EXPEED 4, this is useful if you do Action Photography, it raise your chance to get pretty unique pictures, you can’t get with Nikon D3200 (EXPEED 3 Processor).

D-Nikon D3200 vs D3300 Image Quality:

Both cameras have 24MP, Same sensor, that means the image quality is almost the same, But Nikon D3300 do well in High ISO preferment, it is not world changing, but ok.
Also, With “Low pass” remove in Nikon D3300, the possibility of having sharp pictures is there, but not expect it to be world changing.

E-Video Features:

In Nikon D3200 you can record Videos on 4 fps “frames per second”, while In D3300 you can record in 6 fps (Better), so this will be amazing thing for people that use this camera for recording videos.

F- Price:

Nikon D3200 have an instant saving on it, which make it an unbelievable deal, while Nikon D3300 basically have  the same price, that the D3200 was have, when it come out.


Name/DSLR Nikon D3200 Nikon D3300
Release 2012 2014
MP 24 24.2
ISO 100-6400 100-12800
Sensor Type CMOS CMOS
Sensor FOrmat APS-C APS-C
Processor EXPEED 3 EXPEED 4
FPS 4 fps 5 fps
Battery 540 shots 700 shots
Weigth 1 Pounds 0.95 Pounds
With 18-55mm
$529.00 [See 25% OFF] $649.00 [See 36% OFF]

3-Difference Between Nikon D3200 and D3300:

A-Nikon D3300 Over Nikon D3200:

There are SEVEN reasons to buy Nikon D3300 over the one precedent Nikon D3200:
  1. Size and Weight: D3300 is 9% lighter and smaller (every little bit count in electronic world).
  2. New Kit Lens: The Kit lens retract, by pushing a button on the zoom; and it goes smaller, that what make the it 30%  lighter, and 25% smaller than the Kit lens in the D3200. 
  3. EXPEED 4 (new processing engine): better image quality, and better performance at high ISO.
  4. No “Low Pass Filter”: That what should make the photos sharper; capture much more details, so we can say that this is a really important Bonus that Nikon D3300 as an entry level camera has it.
  5. High ISO: Extra bump in extra high ISO than Nikon D3200.
  6. Five frames per second versus 4 fps (in image): it’s not bad in entry level cameras.

B-Nikon D3200 Over Nikon D3300:

There is No Big deal in Nikon D3300, it is so sad that Nikon did not include the in-built Wi-Fi feature, while Nikon D3200 still present itself as good value, and it’s still the best camera for the money.

4- How To choose Between Nikon D3200 vs Nikon D3300:

In this part of the article, I will help you to make a Final decision between Nikon D3200 vs Nikon D3300, by giving you two beautiful Scenarios; So Just See which Scenario you are into, and you will automatically know which DSLR to buy, then in the next part, I will list Top bundles and Deals for this two beautiful DSLR cameras Nikon D3200 and Nikon D3300, Pick the best one that meets your budget:

Scenario One: Let’s say you are serious about photography, and you want to be a pro photographer in future, this means that you search now just for a DSLR to begin with, to learn basics with it, so Here Nikon D3200 is the best choice for you, because it will be an amazing teacher for you (24MP, Large Sensor, In Built Flash …), while you save $100.00 that you could invest it in lenses, as buying the 35mm lens, because in photography lenses that matter more than the DSLR body.

Scenario Two: You Don’t Want to begin a Photography business, and you don’t want to become a pro photographer that sell Images to Magazines, You are just a simple person that want a DSLR camera that can provide great image quality and HD videos, you want surprise your friends in social media by a shocking image quality that a smart phone can’t produce, so Here Nikon D3300 is the best choice for you, because by investing an extra $100.00, you get a smaller, lighter, New DSLR Body, with latest features as Photo editing, that insure for you a lot of fun.

5- Buy Now:

Here is Nikon D3200/ Nikon D3300 Best Deals and Bundles in the Internet (From

Name Nikon D3200 Nikon D3300
With 18-55mm [14% OFF - SAVE $73.00
and Free Shipping]

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Best Deal*

I hope that this article “Nikon D3200 vs D3300” Help you into making your decision, don’t forget that your budget can tell you which DSLR to buy.
Note: Make sure that your budget allows you to buy some essential accessories as Memory card, Bag for protection ...; Please read this article that list 17 important DSLR accessories, each photographer need to have.

Read Also: Compatible Lenses for Nikon D3200 and D3300.
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04 July, 2016 11:43 delete

Actually, both D3200 and the D3300 has the same sensor Expeed 3 and has the same 24.2 Megapixels. Only Nikon D5100 and 5200 has the 24.1 megapixels. the only big difference between the 2 are the Burst mode, D3300 can capture 5 Frame per second while D3200 has only 4 F/sec, and the price of course. D3200 is a lot more affordable. You should check the spacs in the official Nikon-USA site for their true specs.