18 BEST (ZOOM & PRIME) Nikon D3300 Lenses - AF-S 100% Compatible with Any Nikon DX

The only complete guide to compatible Lenses (Lens) for Nikon D3300, I cover Zoom and Prime lenses, also Macro, Telephoto, Portrait, wide angle and Fisheye Lenses… Read More


Photography is definitely one of the comforting and fascinating forms of art and creativity. It enables us to capture the beautiful moments, remind us of the cherished memories, portray the beloved people and pause the breathtaking views of nature. To capture these moments PERFECTLY, you need to get hold of the Nikon D3300 With the right Photography Lenses in front of it.
In this detailed article I will guide you only through the best Nikon D3300 Lenses in different type of photography, also from different third party brands as Tamron, Sigma…
The idea was to make this article as a reference, you back to it whenever you thought of buying another photography lens for Nikon d3300 or any nikon DX camera you own, so please Bookmark it in you navigator because i am sure you will need it in future, also help me by share it in social media with anyone own a Nikon D3300 or any other Nikon DX camera.

Note: For Make this article smooth and easy to understand, i divided it into four sections:
Section I: Basic Information you should know about Nikon DX lenses (very important stuff)
Section II: Contains the types of photography (Ex: portrait photography) with the best lenses for each type (ex: Nikkor 35mm) in a table.
Section III: Is a Short List of The Best Nikon D3300 Lenses you should own sooner or later.
Section IV: We all know that Accessories are very important, so i choose for you the best Lenses accessories that assure Protection, cleaning...

Section I: Basic Information about Nikon DX Lenses

Lenses are the key to stunning photos! They are the eyeball of the camera. I am sure the professionals know the importance of a high-quality lens, but my dear amateurs, you might be underestimating their significance.
The quality of your photos purely depends on the lens you are using. You will lose all the benefits of your newly bought fancy camera, if you put a cheap lens. Also, it is important to note that there is a specific type of lens for each type of photography.
Q: Is Nikon the Only Company that manufactures Lenses For the D3300?
A: The Answer is No; So There are third party companies that manufacture lenses for all kind of DSLR cameras, they provide a superb quality at low price (comparing to Nikon lenses), That's what make it the preferred choice for a lot of photographers with medium budget.
This third party companies are Tokina, Sigma and Tamron (in this order from Good to low quality).
Q: Are Nikon lenses produce photos of high quality compared with Lenses made by third party companies.
A: Not really, because all companies use the same glass quality; So the low price comes from using a cheap metals in the body of the lens (Ex: plastic instead of iron in some parts as mount) by the third party companies.

What Are the Different Type of Nikon D3300 Lenses?


There are two type of Lenses for Nikon D3300, Zoom, and Prime lenses, so the zoom lenses has an inbuilt zooming motor, that allows them to go out and in, varied between two range of focal length (Ex 18-55mm) for the purpose of bringing the far subjects near you without moving to them; in the other hand, Prime lenses are fixed lens, has only one focal length (Ex: 50mm).
A- Zoom Lens
Pros: You can do a lot of types of photography using only one lens (large focal length).
Cons: Expensive compared to Prime lenses because they are hard to make.
B- Prime Lens
Pros: Great quality Compared to Zoom lenses; Light and small.
Cons: For doing another type of photography you need to remove the lens, and put another.

What are the different Types of Nikon Mount?

Nikon has two types of digital SLR cameras, they are DX and FX, so DX is for entry level DSLR cameras as Nikon D3100/D3200/D3300/D5100 to D5500, while FX is for full frame DSLR bodies (pro and expensive as Nikon D810).
Note: Make sure that the lens has "DX" in its name (or full compatible with Nikon if you purchase from third party companies).

Nikon D3300 Lens Compatibility - How to tell that this lens is 100% Compatible with Nikon D3300?


Nikon D3300 is an entry level DSLR camera from DX family, comes with medium price, and surely for a reason, so the reason is because Nikon (or any other Nikon DX camera) does not contain an inbuilt Zooming motor in it body.
So, you need to buy only lenses that contain this small motor inside the Lens Body, to ensure autofocus during the zooming process.
Nikon call this type of lenses (with motor in the lens body) AF-S lenses means Autofocus lenses.
Tokina Call them DXII or DX2 (without the motor, DX)
Sigma Call them HSM
Tamron call them AF/MF (mean the lens support both autofocus and manual focus).

Note: Be sure to purchase only lenses that contain those words (Nikon: AF-S / Tokina: DX2 / Sigma: HSM / Tamron: AF/MF) in their names.

Now, you have the knowledge, you can go to any Online Store and purchase your next Nikon D3300 Lens.

Section II: List Of the BEST NIKON D3300 LENSES According to photography types

Probably you visited an online or offline photography shop, and you were surprised by the huge number of Compatible Nikon DX Lenses, so you be confused, and you returned home without buying anything to avoid a negative investment.
Here is the good news; For making the choosing process easy to you, i put the type of photography, then a brief intro about it (because most readers of my articles are beginners) then the best compatible lenses used in this type (in table).

How to choose a lens:
1- Write on a paper the intended budget you want to spend in the lens.
2- Write the focal length of the lenses that you already own (in order to avoid covering the same focal length twice).
3- Select the type of photography that you want to exercise.
4- Finally, select the lens (Go to: Type of Photography -> Table - Choose based on your budget)
Note: ALL Lenses in this article are 100% Compatible To Nikon D3300, also Any Nikon DX DSLR cameras.

Nikon D3300 Kit Lens 18-55mm

This is an ideal lens for beginners and startups. It is a starter or standard lens used for regular daily life photography of your family, pets, friends etc.
I write an article about "7 things to do to make the kit lens ultra useful" -Read it from here

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 18-55mm
4.7/5 $190 [Free Shipping]

Best Nikon D3300 lens for beginners 35mm (recommended for Portrait photography)

Nikon 35mm 1.8G is my favorite lens for beginners (after the 18-55mm lens). This portrait lens, also called “prime lens”, has a fixed focal length of 35mm as compared to a zoom lens which has a variable focal length. This lens is ideal for practicing and exploring your love for photography. Apart from its technical benefits of being lightweight, efficient and sharp; it also make you a better photographer. I believe if one can master using this lens, he will not face any difficulty using other lenses or in dealing with different focal lengths.  This is a lens which every photographer MUST own.

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 35mm
4.7/5 $190 [12% OFF- $23.00]

Best Nikon D3300 all in one zoom lenses (Lens) 

If you do not own the standard kit lens (18-55mm), then you should definitely buy this All in one zoom lens. It has a huge variable focal length, from 18mm to 200mm or 300mm, so it can be used for all kinds of photography. It also reduces the weight of your bag pack since you carry one lens with a wide focal length instead of several ones with a fixed focal length.

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Tamron 18-200mm
Low Price*
4.4/5 $190 [33% OFF - SAVE $100.00 and Free Shipping]
Sigma 18-250mm 4.5/5 $340 [36% OFF - SAVE $200.00 and Free Shipping]
Nikon 18-200mm
4.7/5 $590 [8% OFF - SAVE $53.00 and Free Shipping]
Nikon 18-300mm 4.6/5 $690 [Free Shipping]

Best Nikon D3300 Telephoto lenses (Lens)


Note: Telephoto lens is a Zoom lens that starts from 55mm or 70mm.

A telephoto lens is a type of long-focus lens which has greater focal length as compared to the lens itself. These kinds of lenses are mostly used for capturing objects at moderate to far distances. As expected, they are frequently employed for wild life photography or in situations where the photographer cannot get near to the subject. You can also photograph the beautiful moon with it. They are also successfully used in covering sports events. These lenses very gracefully capture the fast paced actions with a high shutter speed, such as in Motorcars and flying events. Telephoto lenses are also widely used for portrait and macro photography. If you own a kit lens (18mm – 55mm), then the next lens you need to buy are Telephoto lenses (starting from 55mm or 70mm) covering the next set of focal lengths.

Note: a Nikon Tripod (i reviewed 6 best one) is a must have while doing Telephoto Photography.

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 55-200mm 4.6/5 $140 [43% OFF mean you SAVE $107.00
and Free Shipping]
Nikon 55-300mm
4.7/5 $390 [1% OFF and Free Shipping]
Sigma 70-300mm
Low Price*
4.4/5 $140 [14% OFF - SAVE $24.00 - Only 12 Left]

Best Nikon d3300 wide angle lenses (Lens)


Wide angle lens is a wonderful lens that you have to get for an amazing photography experience. While using a zoom lens you have to move away from your subject to get a wide view, contrary to that by using a wide angle lens you can stay close to the subject and still capture a phenomenal wide-viewed picture. These lenses are mostly used for landscapes as they have the ability to stretch the background; it is also a great option for group photography (at school or weeding) because you can capture the entire group plus the details.

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Sigma 10-20mm
Low Price*
4.5/5 $470 [Free Shipping]
Nikon 10.24mm
If u r Serious about wide angle photography
4.7/5 $890 [11% OFF - SAVE $103.00]

Best Nikon D3300 lenses for Portrait Photography 35mm and 50mm (recommended for beginners also)


“A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant.” (Wikipedia)
Usually, the focus of a portrait is the person’s face. Portrait photography, as the name suggests, refers to photographing portraits. Ever since the beginning of photography, people have made portraits. Be it a family wedding or your friend’s birthday party, the photographer has to photograph the guests. Now-a-days we need more of portrait photographs for our Instagram and Facebook accounts. It is both easy and enjoyable to do. 
For this purpose, you need to buy Nikon D3300 lenses for portrait photography having focal length of 35mm or 50mm. These lenses are light weight, small and ideal for portrait photography also everyday and street photography.

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 50mm 1.8G
5/5 $190 [10% OFF - SAVE $23.00]
Nikon 35mm 1.8G
5/5 $170 [12% OFF - SAVE $23.00]

Read Also: Nikon 35mm vs 50mm - The answer finally revealed

Best Nikon d3300 Macro Micro lenses (Lens or Lenses)


These lenses are used for Macro photography which involves extreme close-up usually of very tiny and minute subjects. The size of the subject in the photograph is greater than its life size. Expand your artistic vision by using this lens to explore the fascinating world of macrophotography.

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 40mm
Best for Beginner to Macro*
Low Price*
4.7/5 $250 [12% OFF - $33.00]
Nikon 85mm
5/5 520 [Only 4 in stock - Free Shipping]

Best Nikon d3300 fisheye lens (Lenses)


This is a fun lens. A lens you can explore and experiment with to the limit of your creativity. You can capture cute photos of your kids surfing and playing from different angles. It is also used widely for panoramas and underwater photography.

Lens Name Rate Price Buy Now
Nikon 10.5mm
4.6/5 $770 [Only 1 left - Free Shipping]
Rokinon 8mm
Low Price*
4.4/5 $240 [32% OFF - SAVE $110 and Free Shipping]
Opteka 6.5mm
More Low Price*
4.1/5 $150 [70% OFF - SAVE $350.04]

Summary: Best lenses (lens – Lenses) for Nikon D3300

To summarize the whole article in a few words, I would advise the following lenses for the photography mentioned due to their low prices and high quality optimum results:
- Everyday routine photography (recommended): Nikon 35mm 1.8G
- Portrait photography: Nikon 50mm 1.8G Or Nikon 35mm 1.8G
- Street photography: Nikon 50mm 1.8G (Fast lens) or Nikon 35mm 1.8G
- Macro photography: Nikon 40mm macro lens
- Best Telephoto Zoom lens: Sigma 70 – 300mm (largest focal length with low price)
- Best All in one Zoom Lens: Sigma 18-250mm HSM
*(See tables above for the best price from Amazon.com)

Section VI: Must Have Lenses Accessories

1- Tripod: If you have an all in one zoom lens, or a telephoto lens, Let tripod carries the heavyweight of it + camera, also a tripod will fix the digital camera, for you can capture an ultra-sharp photos (shaking reduce the quality of your photos).

Note: Buy only tripod made from carbon fiber (Light and strong body, easy to transport with you)
Buy: AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag [Low Price - work with all DSLR bodies]

2- Shutter Release: Let you take photos without touching the camera body, good addition if you have a tripod (Sit, watch the LCD screen and take photos).
Buy: Nikon ML-l3 [12% OFF - Low Price]

3- Lenses Protection:
Protective Pouch set for Lenses: Right accessories for protect your expensive fragile lenses and keep them clean.
Buy: Altura Thick pouch set 4 different size available [#1 Best seller - 50% OFF - SAVE $20.00]

4- Backpack: More Lenses, More Space is needed, with Amazonbasics backpack you can carries 2 small DSLR Bodies and 3 to 4 Lenses plus small accessories.
Buy: AmazonBasics backpack for SLR/DSLR [Best Seller - Low Price]

5- SD Card: New Lens, More Focal length, so lot of pictures, this mean you need more space, i suggest you to buy Lexar professional Memory card (fast transfer) [30% OFF - all size available], you can add a card reader [Low Price - USB 3.0], and a memory card wallet to keep everything organized [Low Price - 34% OFF].

6- Second Battery: For the same reason as Memory cards, you need more power, so it is recommended to own a second battery in your photography bag.
Buy: ecofficiency 2 Replacemenet Battery for D3300 [56% OFF - SAVE $54.01]

7- Filters (Warning: D3300's lens thread size is 52mm, be sure to buy filers on this size): 
When we talk about lenses, we talk about filters, there is some for fun, and some for improve the quality of lenses, by filtering the light that going inside the sensor:

A- For Fun: Full color Filters by K&F 52 mm (18 color) [46% OFF - SAVE $46.99].
B- Polaroid polarizing filters (4 piece filter set, buy the one with Size=52mm) [50% OFF - SAVE %24.99]
C- UV Filter for high quality images with Multi-Resistant Coating [71% OFF - SAVE $55.01]
D- ND (neutral density) pro filter set with 3 filters ND2, ND4, ND8, pouch and Microfiber [53% OFF - SAVE $16.00]

8- DSLR Cleaning Kit: Helps to remove all spots, dust


Buy: Altura Pro Cleaning kit [Huge benefits - 25% OFF]

9- Nikon D3300 Lens Kit (An all in one Purchase)


Buy: Essential Accessory Kit By Goja [36% OFF - SAVE $50.00]

10- Learning (courses and Tutorials): Read this article about Top Photography courses online for 2016.

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Here is the end of this article that was talk about Nikon D3300 Lenses, I hope you like it, learn valuable information, and found it useful.
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