31 Important Nikon D3100 Accessories & Gadgets That You Must Have

You Have Nikon D3100? & you Don't know how to Protect it, Keep it clean, Improve it, accessories it Etc... So Read this Article.

Nikon D3100 Accessories & Gadgets - 31 Hours of Deep Research - Enjoy It... By NDN

Nikon D3100 is a cute entry level DSLR cameras made by Nikon Corporation, released at August 17, 2010, it comes with 14-megapixel CMOS DX sensor, plus a huge list of specs and features that will shock you.
Image and video quality is great compared to all existing point and shoot cameras, plus the D3100 is very easy to use, that what makes it an exceptional beginner's camera that inspires users to rise into it.

List of Accessories for Nikon D3100 camera

Adding additional accessories will improve the functionality of your DSLR camera, so here's why I write this article, which shows a list of all existing accessories for Nikon D3100, It is divided into three parts according to their importance.

I. Essential Nikon d3100 Accessories

1. Nikon d3100 Lenses

Photography Lenses are very important in DSLR, without them you can’t make pictures or videos, so Choose the right ones is important, and decisive.
We write a separated article where you will found the most powerful lenses for Nikon D3100, just choose what fits your needs and budget; very valuable and deep information, you must read it if you thinking in buying your next (second) lens => Complete list and details about Nikon D3100 lenses.

2. Nikon D3100 Memory Card  - More Space

Taking pictures using a DSLR equipment means QUALITY, and quality means size, and size means that you should have more space in your DSLR camera, so i always suggest my readers to buys a large memory card 16-32-64 Gb, as that you will be able to take lot of pictures, before you need to dump the images in your computer.
Buy(Recommended): Very fast Memory Card (Lexar Pro 15% OFF)
Or See: More SD memory card

3. Nikon d3100 Replacement Battery and Charger

With one Battery in Nikon D3100, you can just shoots 360 pictures, so it is preferable to own two batteries in your bag, and so you do not have to stop filming/shooting, after the battery is low.

II- Important Nikon d3100 camera accessories

1. Tripod for Nikon d3100

You may ask why tripod listed as an important Accessory in this article. So We all know the rule that says << Keep your hand steady while you take a picture>>, and When you try to apply this rule, you will lose a lot of shots that deserve to be photographed, especially in case of doing sport photography, so let the tripod bears the weight of the camera and fixes it, while you enjoy take different shoots.
Note: Buy a tripod that is made from carbon fiber, as that it will have a small weight, and it will be easy to carrying while you traveling.
- Buy(Recommended): 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod + Bag (#1 Best Seller) 
- Or Read a detailed article about Digital SLR Tripods

2. Lighting accessories for Nikon D3100 digital slr

Light is the primary factor in improving the quality of images, so let me show you how to develop it using some DSLR lighting accessories:

A). Nikon d3100 External Flash

It is high recommended to use a Nikon d3100 external flash, it is powerful and light will shines away from your subjects, as that you will see a big improve in quality of your photos.
Buy(Recommended): Best Flash Kit For Nikon D3100 (36% OFF - SAVE $45.00 - #1 Best Seller) Or See this Low Price Option (Good Quality)
Or, See More Tripods

B). DSLR Softbox & Mini softbox

This powerful little accessory is an addition to the external flash, so it helps in distributing light in a better way, plus makes it soft, and reduces shadow definition.
This little accessory will improve your picture with 10-15%.
Buy: Limo Studio 700 (#1 Best Seller - 4.5 Stars)
Or, See More SoftBox (Different Designs & Price)

Note: If you found the SoftBox listed above too big for your needs; watch the ones listed Below known as Mini SoftBox.
Buy: Neweer 6"x8" (#1 Best Seller)
or, See More Mini SoftBox

C). DSLR Light reflectors

While you doing outdoor photography or portrait, you can benefits from light that comes from different sources as Sun or moon or …, so using these reflectors is a very good way to do that.
Buy: Neewer 43 inch (#1 Best Seller - Low Price)

3. More Protection for your Nikon D3100

DSLR equipment are fragile and expansive, without forget that dust will reduce quality of images, so let me show you some good accessories for protect them:

A). Nikon d3100 camera bag, case and backpack

As a photographer, it is important to own a DSLR bag, it can be a backpack or case, it should be made from good material, comfortable for you and your equipment, can take all your equipment including tripod, and waterproof option is necessary.

i). Backpack For DSLR camera

Good Solution if you have 2 DSLRs or 2,3 Lenses, so you will let your back to carry all the weight.
Buy(Recommended): Best DSLR backpack (Good Quality + Low Price)

ii). Case For DSLR Camera

Good Solution for small photography trips.
Buy(Recommended): Case Logic (47% OFF - #1 Best Seller)

iii). Leather Case for Nikon D3100

If you don't like cases or bags, this option will be great for you.
Buy: Leather Case

B). Nikon D3100 Shoulder & Neck strap

Very powerful accessory, help you to keep the camera safe plus the ability of using it whenever you want, just like a damn gun.
Buy(Recommended): Pro Strap for DSLRs (FREE Shipping)

C). Grip strap for dslr cameras

One of the best ways to handle the camera.
Buy: Grip Strap For DSLR (Low Price - Durable)

D). Camera pistol grip with shutter release

This accessory act as little tripod, it have lot of benefits, as handle the camera with one hand, and gives you more control on the camera body.
Buy: Pistol Grip 

E). Nikon D3100 Camera skin


Simple but effective way to keep your camera protected, & Clean while you use it.
Buy(Recommended): Skin For D3100

F). Stretchy wrap (max protection)

stretchy-wrap-for-protect-dslr-cameras copy
I love to cover my camera with this accessory, before put it in the bag, because it’s protecting it from the dust that hides in the bag.
Buy(Recommended): Stretchy Wrap (31% OFF - Low Price)

I). Protective push set for lenses

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.31.08 PM
Lenses are the most expansive and fragile equipment, so this Set are very important to keep your lenses in good condition.
Buy(Recommended): 4 Pack Pouch Set For Lens (#1 Best Seller - Low Price)

J). Rain Cover For DSLR Cameras

Do you love take pictures in rain? So by owning this cover, you will have no problem to go and shut under rain.
Buy: Rain Cover for DSLR (35% OFF - #1 Best Seller)

4. Cleaning Kit for Nikon D3100:

You should always keep your camera body and lenses clean, so for that you need this amazing Professional cleaning Kit for DSLR cameras.
Buy(Very Recommended): Cleaning Kit (18% OFF - #1 Best Seller)

III- Recommended Accessories For Nikon d3100

1. Shuter Release (known as remote control)

Helps you to take pictures without even touch the camera bodies, it is a nice add if you own a tripod.
Buy: Shutter Release for Nikon D3100

2. Wifi:

Sorry, :( No Wi-Fi ability in Nikon D3100.

3. External mic For Nikon D3100

You can’t add external mic for Nikon D3100, only mic available is the one that come with it, pretty bad & noisy if you want to do some HDSLR.

4. Guide To Learn Photography

As a beginner DSLR photographer, you have a lot of to learn for master your DSLR and produce great images, so you should never stop learning. Using free resources as sites, forums, YouTube … will not serve you well, because they are scattered information, so the best solution is to use a best paid online photography courses that teach you from A to Z how to master photography using a DSLR body, as that you will able in soon future to know which accessory you need, which lenses are good for that type of photography, and not good for that …
The best online course that I know Are:

i). Best Ebook - Nikon D3100 For Dummies: 

You can guess what it is about from the title... Buy it by Clicking Here.

ii). Tips and Tricks Cheat Sheets Cards: 

You can attach this little accessories in your bag, as that you can always have a quick access to it.
Buy(Recommended): Photography cards

iii). Photography Courses:

Buying a GOOD Online Photography Course that contain Videos and PDFs, is the only best way that i know for quickly learn photography.
Take a Look to: Photography MasterClass By Evan (a Well known Photographer) - Recommended Course.

5. Memory Card Wallet

keep all your memory cards in one place.
Buy: 22 Slots Wallet (19% OFF)

6. Card Reader:

It will helps you to read multiple memories card in any PC.
Buy(Very Recommended): Transcend USB 3.0 Very Fast Cartd Reader (#1 Best Seller)

Colorful Lens Filters 52mm


Get more fun, or unique photos, usign this 5/5 stars Best seller 52mm lens filter for nikon D3100.
Buy: K&F 52mm Lens Filter (80% OFF)

7. Nikon D3100 Battery Grip

This accessory takes two batteries, so it will expand time of shooting, without the need of OFFing the camera then replace the battery.
Buy: D3100 Battery grip

8. Backup Solution

Always backup your photos in other place than computer, so the best two solutions are clouds storage or using an external HDD.
Buy: WD My Passport USB 3.0 (#1 Best Seller)

9. Software  and Photo editing

If you see a fantastic photos online, and you wonder how to make one like them, so the answer is photo editing software. By using this soft you can play with light, contrast of colors and many other settings.
Best software I know is: Adobe Photoshop light room.

10. Photgraphy Printer

After taking lot of pictures, you will be in love with some of them, and you may think in print them, so the best cheap printer is Pinxa 100.

IV- Nikon D3100 accessories KIT  

If you hate buy each accessory alone, here is a kit of accessories for Nikon D3100, that include almost all the useful accessories declared in this article.
Buy(Recommended): Best Acc Kit For Nikon D3100

Read Also (very Recommended): 17 Compatible Lenses for Nikon D3100.


Main purpose of photography accessories, is improving the image quality, keep DSLR equipment safe and in good condition, so choose from this article anything you think it can be useful for your photography Journee, also you can add to card the ones you want to own in future.

If this article helps you, please help us by share it online using share buttons.
Also, tell us what accessories you own, which one you prefer, and which one you want to won in future.

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