Best Macro Micro Lens for Nikon D3300 (#1 Brief Guide)

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List of Best Macro Micro Lens For Nikon D3300

The pleasures of a Nikon d3300 are best enjoyed when you can see miniature life magnified several times their actual size. Macro lenses are specialised lenses with a large focal length; the sharpness of the lens is secondary when shooting macro images. It is only when the distance between the subject and the photographer is ideal can you shoot the perfect picture where even the minute detail invisible to naked eye is crystal clear.

Given below are some of the best macro lenses for Nikon d3300:

Macro lenses are designed to perform well at close range and often come with VR which means there is minimal camera shake while clicking. The most important feature of a macro lens is the focal length; the lengthier the focal length the more advantageous it is.

The ideal macro lens allows reproduction of 1:2 or 1:1. Nikkor micro (it is Nikon’s name for macro) is very adaptable, has high reproduction ratio and is good value for money.
The lens barrel has an engraving with the reproduction ratio.

The best macro lens for Nikon d3300 reduces the minimal distance between the object and the sensor thereby magnifying the subject and also providing shallow depth of field. Micro lenses are most used for photographing plants and insects; they can be used in other photography too.

Some macro lenses can only be used with the DX format image sensor or the FX image sensor while some are suitable to both types of camera bodies.

Here we have presented in tabular form three of the best macro Nikon d3300 lenses.
  • Nikkor DX micro 40mm: It is ideal & Recommended for the beginner in macro photography because it is affordable, it is quiet and the macro reduction ratio is 1:1. It is suited only for the DX format.
  • Nikkor DX micro 60mm: This is suitable for both DX and FX formats but it does not have VR.
  • Nikkor DX Micro 85mm: Has minimal camera shake and works only on DX format.
  • Nikkor Micro 105mm: Works on both formats, has VR and can also double as a portrait lens, little expensive but very popular and very recommended for photographers that are serious about Micro (Macro) Photography.

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Thus we see that some of the best micro lens for Nikon d3300 range from a modest price to several hundred more. But if you are a beginner than the Nikkor DX 40mm is the best macro lens for your Nikon d3300 because the quality of the pictures is really good thanks to a moderate focal length. And the best part is it is affordable. If you are worried about the shake then invest in a DSLR tripod which will still be cheaper than a model with VR. 

Hope this article has been helpful in enlightening you to the best macro lens for Nikon d3300.

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