Best Wide Angle Lens for Nikon d3300 (#1 Brief Guide)

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List of best wide angle WA lens for Nikon D3300

As the name suggests wide angle lenses are special lenses which are used to capture a large area which is not possible with the normal lens.  These lenses are used where the space is constrained and you can’t step back any further. Hence they are ideal for landscapes, interiors of buildings, architectural photos and big group photos where each and every element can come within the frame.

Most kits come with a basic wide angle lens but for spectacular results you might want to look at ultra wide angle lenses too.

Wide angle lenses have shorter focal length unlike telephoto lenses.  When the focal length of the lens is short the field of view becomes wider and you will be able to squeeze in more details into your frame.

When using wide angle lens you should also be aware that the objects in the image appear disproportionate - the objects closer appear larger than their actual size and those further away and larger in size appear smaller; even straight lines appear bent.

Wide angle lens are available in both prime lenses where the focal length is fixed and in zoom lenses where the focal length can be adjusted within a specific range. If you can afford a zoom lens than it is a better choice because it adapts quickly to varying focal lengths unlike the prime lens which need to be changed.

The table below gives the best wide angle lens for Nikon d3300:

  • Nikkor DX 10-24mm: This is a ultra wide angle lens specific for DX format.
  • Nikkor 14-24mm  :A great built and one of the best wide angled lenses, very recommended.
  • Nikkor 16-35mm: The only one with optical stabilisation and VR. It is also the most flexible general purpose wide angle lens.
  • Nikkor 20mm: This is a prime lens that is lighter, smaller and lower in price. 
  • Nikkor 28mm: Another prime wide angle lens that is better than some zoom lenses because of its better and sharp image.

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Nikkor 10-24mm 4.6/5 79% $896.95 (Free Shipping)
Nikkor 14-24mm 4.7/5 100% $1,896.95 (Free Shipping)
Nikkor 16-35mm 4.7/5 65% $1,096.95 (Free Shipping - 3 left in stock)
Nikkor 20mm 4.8/5 38% $796.95 (Free Shipping + Accessories)
Nikkor 28mm 4.5/5 32% $696.95 (Free Shipping + Accessories)

It is evident from the above table that all the wide angle lenses are pricey. The Nikkor 14-24mm (Free Shipping) is by far the best wide angle zoom lens available today. It has a sturdy body and unrivalled construction. But if it is too pricey for your budget you can opt for the Nikkor 28mm prime lens which though less costly gives equally great performance and superior results.

Irrespective of which of the above you choose you should know that you can overcome the perspective distortion which is a part and parcel of the wide angle lens by using it creatively. In fact this feature is most widely used by reporters during street scenes.


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