Discover The Best Lens For Nikon D3300 Ever (The Secret Finally revealed)

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Sub-Title: This is an inclusive guide about the best lens for Nikon d3300 and the necessary accessories which give you the best images in all kinds of lighting and environments.

discover the best lens for Nikon d3300

Photography is an art that can be mastered by anyone who has a passion for great images. If you have embarked on this journey that can stir your innermost being, you would want to invest in the best camera to capture spectacular visuals.

There are several leading DSLR cameras and equally confusing number of lens that accompany the camera. The lens is akin to the heart of the camera and hence is one of the most important parts, if not the most important part of your camera.

Different kinds of photography require different lenses; but lenses are an expensive affair and beginners should invest wisely while choosing the best Nikon d3300 lens for optimum results.

There are several best lenses for d3300 as advised by your friends, leading photographers and other websites online. Lenses are manufactured with very specific purpose in mind; for example a wide angle lens is best suited for landscape but is not good for underwater photography. Hence, if your friends have varying tastes, then their best lens for d3300 is not necessarily your best lens for Nikon d3300.

Identifying a good lens for Nikon d3300 is a little confusing and intimidating for a novice because of the sheer variety of lenses available in the market. It is even more bewildering that different photographers recommend different lenses as the best lens for your camera.

For a newcomer to the field of photography the best lens for Nikon d3300 will be one that will not be too expensive but will be useful in capturing all kinds of images be it a portrait or a wedding or landscape or a sporting event; one multitasking lens which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

How I choose The best Lens for Nikon D3300

After a thorough research and having personally used lenses of varying focal lengths and zooming abilities, I have found the best Nikon d3300 lens that can do a host of things. This lens I the most popular both among the beginners as well as the professional photographers for its sheer usability in all kinds of photography.

As a seasoned photographer when I question myself on which is the best lens for Nikon d3300 –  the one lens I reach for in every situation, lighting, environment - with which I have captured some of the best pictures in my collection, my hand automatically reaches for the one and only Prime Lens Nikon 35mm. It is recommended not only by me but a wide clientele of people who swear by the versatility of this lens.

The Prime Lens Nikon 35mm f/1.8G With Auto Focus

Nikon Nikkor 35mm 1.8G AFS

In my opinion a good lens for Nikon d3300 is not one that is exorbitantly priced, has a faster shutter speed and a larger range in focal length but one that is most adaptable and can be used for all kinds of photography seamlessly and with ease. A good lens for Nikon d3300 is one that produces the best photographs of every occasion - be it a portrait, a wedding, a children’s sport meet or just simple street photography.  The Prime Lens of 35mm is at the beginner’s spectrum of wide angle lens but it produces some of the most noteworthy images that one can take.

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I have chosen the Prime Lens Nikon 35mm as the best lens for Nikon d3300 because:
  • Focal Length – This lens when used correctly gives as good a result as any top lens of higher focal lengths because it is closest to the human eye and hence gives a better view point.
  • Versatility – This lens can be used for everything and anything- Landscapes, portraits, travel shots, macro photography, street photography, real estate photography, product photography – equally well both indoors and outdoors too.
  • Video – The Nikon d3300 lens are not only good for pictures but are also great for videos because the 35mm focal length is wide enough to shoot subjects perfectly without losing focus on subject as is the case with other wide angled lenses. The videos are of cinematic quality with lesser noise and grainy effect.
  • Low Light Performance – The prime lens Nikon 35mm is ideal for low light photography and videography because of the fast shutter speed.
  • Small, Light and Compact – It is light compact and easily portable. 
  • Interesting angles: the lightweight nature of the lens allows you to move around and take a great picture which is not possible with a heavy zoom lens which invariably tends to make you lazy while photographing. The lack of zoom hence is beneficial in this case because you can capture unique images as and when you change your position.
  • Wide Angle with Constraint – The limited wide angle is a blessing in disguise because it always aids you in capturing the essence of the moment and not a solitary subject in isolation with regard to its environment.
Thus we see that the DX Nikkor lens 35mm is capable of producing very high quality images at a very affordable price. This lens comes with two focus modes – manual (M) and manual override autofocus (M/A) which is advantageous when you want to switch to manual focus during AF operation. This lens is ideal for low light conditions and during travelling because it is light and compact. The lens is coated with Nikon Super Integrated Coating (SIC) which reduces flare and maintains the consistency of the color. 

The lens does its job very quietly thanks to the Nikon Silent Wave Motor. The ability to focus really close brings a perspective to the images. The prime lens 35mm is a great lens for all kinds of photography but for the absence of a VR feature which will ensure there is less shake while clicking.

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The closest alternative is the Nikon 50mm which has a great bokeh but for everything else stick to 35mm.

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Must Have "Essential" Nikon 35mm f/1.8G Accessories

A great camera also needs a little help from some must-have accessories like lens cover to protect it from damage and dust, lens cleaning kit, extra storage to save all your captures and a camera carry case. Some deals have all these but most often you need to buy them separately. Here we have listed a few accessories that are essential for the protection of your lens.

1. SD Memory card for take more Photos

dslr memory card

Buy a SD card like the Lexar Professional 633x which is one of the fastest cards in the market. It lets you download all your photos very quickly into your laptop. These cards come with downloadable rescue software too. They are quick, effective and fast.
Buy: Lexar Pro Memory Card (15% OFF & Free Shipping) -  Different sizes Exist

2. Card Reader for fast Transfer

fast usb 3.0 memory card

You need a card reader to transfer the data from a SD card to your laptop. The Transcend card reader is the perfect interface for the latest high speed SD cards of many leading brands in the market. It can transfer virtually any data from the Nikon d3300 lens to your laptop.
Buy: Fast Transfer by Transcend (40% OFF & Free Shipping)

3. Memory card Case:

black memory card wallet or case

Memory cards are small and delicate and need the extra protection from dirt and damage. Memory card holders like the Leegoal card case are really cheap. They are made of water repellant inner material and can hold up to 18 SD/SDHC/MMC/memory stick pro duo and 4 slots for CF Cards, smart media in 8 semi transparent bags that make identification easy. The bag is light, small and compact.
Buy: Memory card Wallet (Low Price - Useful) 

4. Cleaning Kit - Dust Free

all in one cleaning kit for dslr cameras

A cleaning kit is the lifeline for your lens because dirt can mar the quality of the images. The Altura Photo Cleaning Kit offers Lens Cleaning Pen System which will clean fingerprints and dirt and debris from the lens. The kit also includes Air Blower Cleaner, 50 Sheets Lens Tissue Paper, a spray bottle for easy dispensation of cleaning solution and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth that will not streak or mark your lenses.
Buy: Best Seller Cleaning Kit by Altura (18% OFF)

5. First Best way to Protect The lens & Camera

dslr wrap ultra protection

The Xit XTSTXL reversible neoprene camera bag is stretchy and any camera with 35mm prime lens can fit in comfortably. You can have the grey or the black side out as needed; a Velcro strip ensures that the camera bag fits snugly.

6. Small DSLR Bag – For a Happy outside Shooting 

best small dslr camera bag for nikon d3300 and 35mm lens

The Case Logic DCB-304 Compact System/Hybrid Camera Case is sturdy, compact and provides the protection your DSLR requires. The bag has flex wall separators that aid in organizing all your accessories neatly. There are zippered pockets too that can store extra battery, cables, lens caps and other small accessories. The bag comes with a 25 year warranty.
Buy: Case Logic 304 (#1 Best Seller - 25% OFF)

7. 52mm Lens Filters 

52mm lens filter for nikon d3300

If you though Photoshop was enough to create the special effects than you are sadly mistaken because certain effects need lens filters for the perfect image. The K and F round filters are compatible with your Nikon d3300 lens; these filters are made of high quality optics glass and resin and hence have superior transmission. The filters effectively control the lighting on the image thereby producing awe inspiring and unique results each time used.

8. Lenses Accessories Kit (Save Time and Effort)

lens accessories kit for nikon d3300

Having a lenses accessories kit especially from Goja saves you time and effort because you have all you need in one bag - telephoto HD lenses for zooming and macro photography, wireless remote control that aids you in taking shake free images, a filter kit comprising of UV, Polarizing and Fluorescent filters, Lens hood, central pinch lens cap, Altura Photo Cleaning Kit, Lens Cleaning Pen and Premium MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. A great buy to go with your Nikon d3300 lens.
Buy: Lens Accessories Kit (Recommended)

Hopefully you now know why the prime Nikkor lens 35mm is a better choice when compared to more expensive lenses which serve the same purpose. Equip yourself with the best Nikon d3300 lens and its accessories to capture great images.

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