Guide to Tripod for Nikon D3300 D3200 and D3100 (9 Best Tripods Reviewed)

Nikon D3300 D3200 Tripod
Owning and using a Nikon D3300 / D3200 can be very exciting and challenging. Getting those perfect shots can really make your day. In order to ensure those pictures come out perfectly, without any shake, you need a tripod. It is a simple instrument that can make a huge difference to your entire photography experience.

When you are out hunting for that perfect tripod, there are a number of questions that come to mind – Should it be long or short? Should it be stable or is a little wobble ok? Should I invest in the expensive tripod or will a basic model do? Getting answers to these questions is not very simple either.

This is why, here we have a detailed article that will cover everything you need to know about a tripod for Nikon D3300 & Nikon D3200. Here you will find information such as the pros, cons, how to choose a tripod, types, accessories etc.

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Why A Camera Tripod?

When you use a tripod to shoot with your camera, you get to enjoy these benefits:
  • Digital SLRs Camera are heavy these days and the large lenses only add to the weight. With a tripod, you need not carry this heavy camera at all times. You can even store other camera accessories like the flash, reflectors, etc and keep your hands free 
  • Sometimes, getting that perfect angle is not easy with your free hand. Using a tripod will get you that needed angle, also without any shake and better focus
  • With a tripod, you can slow down and blur the videos you are taking. Also get a good depth, better sharpness and quality to your photos
  • Since your hand and you are free from holding the camera, you can be in the photo too. Tripods come with a remote that let you click a picture from a distance

Why Not A Tripod?

Though there are a number of advantages to using this equipment, there's a downside too:
  • It adds on to the weight of your camera, when you are travelling. It is an extra piece you will have to carry, hence occupying more space in your luggage
  • Tripods are not too small and irrespective of the size, they require to be set up. Thus using up some if the precious minutes which might cause you to miss that perfect shot
  • You need to learn how to use the tripod properly, else you risk damaging the camera itself
  • All tripods are not the same and they cannot be used with every camera interchangeably. It should be selected based on the requirement and the weight of the camera.

Do You Need A Camera Tripod? What Can You Do With It?

  • Click photos where the angle is difficult or the gap is too small for your hand
  • Click images of yourself with a self timer
  • Get better focus and stability for good quality close up and macro shots 
  • Free your hands from the weight of the camera and wait long hours for the perfect shot of the landscape in front of you
  • Let your camera sit on the tripod for hours and patiently click the perfect Wildlife shots
  • Give better focus and depth to your architectural photography 
  • Shoot sports and action images with a stable camera on a tripod
  • Record long videos without any shake

Nine Aspects To Consider While Choosing A DSLR Camera Tripod

Tripods come in a large variety. Various aspects needs to be considered to get the perfect tripod that will suit your needs.


The tripod should be able to support the weight of not just the camera being used but the lenses too. Go for a tripod that can support at least 1.5 to 2 times the weight of your camera.

B- Height

The height of the tripod should suit your height, so as to avoid too much bending in order to look through the view finder.

C-Tripod Weight

Apart from the weight it can support, the weight of the tripod itself is important. When it is below 5 or 6 pounds, it is easier to travel around with it, else it will have to be left behind.

D-Tripod Legs

Tripods come with 3 to 5 sections for its legs. More the number of sections, higher the tripod can go, but stability will decrease. One can choose between the tubular and non-tubular legs. Carbon fiber legs can be light and are made of tubular legs with a threaded twist lock system.

E-Tripod Feet

Different feet come handy on different surfaces. While indoors require a soft surface like plastic or rubber to avoid scratches, outdoors require spikes for better grip. Some of the advanced tripods allow you to use different feet by just unscrewing one and replacing it with the other.

F-Center Post

A center post is the single leg in the middle that enables you to adjust the height of the camera. While some prefer this option to increase or decrease the height with a single motion, others dislike it as it is like using a monopod on a tripod. Also, long lenses will experience more shake.

I-Tripod Head

This is a very important part as it holds the camera and also controls its movements. This has to be bought separately as the tripod systems don’t come with it. The head should ideally be able to support the same weight the legs can.

The different types of tripod heads to choose from are:

i. Pan-Tilt Head:
pan tilt tripod head

On the cheaper side, this tripod comes with a single handle for horizontal movements and a dual handle for both vertical and horizontal movements.

ii. Ball – Head:

ball head for tripod

These are very flexible and allow the camera to operate smoothly while the lens and the camera are secured tight.  However, it has only one control that can either tighten or loosen the grip.

iii. Gimbal Head:
tripod gimbal head

Specially designed for cameras using 300mm+ lenses

H-Quick Release System

tripod quick release system

This comprises of two parts, where the small plate can be removed and attached to the camera or the lens itself, to secure it tightly to the tripod head.


Tripods are designed to take not just the wind but also the bumps and knocks experienced on the field occasionally. Ensure your tripod can take the weight of the camera, without leaning to one side. Heavier the tripod does not necessarily mean it is steadier.

Which DSLR Camera Tripod To Buy

Now that you are familiar with all the important aspects of a tripod, wondering which one to buy to suit your needs? Here are a few recommendations to help you choose the best Nikon d3300 or D3200 Tripod.

A- If you don’t have any tripod, Start with the cheapest Tripod (Bellow $50):

The Nikon D3300 / D3200 is an entry level camera, meaning you are just getting into photography. Neither are the lens too heavy, nor do you know how much you actually need a tripod. It is always better to experiment and learn to use the tripod, on a cheaper model.

B- Switch to Middle or Pro Tripod:

If your requirement for a tripod is high, due to constant usage, opt for the one that is priced in the middle ($200-$500) or opt for an expensive one with a quick release system (above $100).

Review Of Top 7 Nikon D3300 / D3200 Tripod

We Cover - Portable Tripod, Travel Tripod, and Studio Tripod for Digital SLR Camera:

Note: This Table Summaries the Tripods Reviewed Bellow (Please Read the Full Article, Then Decide which Tripod To buy from this Table):

Price $ Head weight
Height " For Reviews Rate
AmazonBasics 24 Tilt 3 25 to 60 Amateur 6180 4.4/5
Dolica B100
49 Ball 2.5 22.5 to 62 Amateur 2678 4.3/5
Ravelli APGL4 96.96 Grip Tilt 8 32.75 to 69.75 Semi Pro 1409 4.6/5
MeFOTO 199 Ball 3.6 15.4 to 61.6 Travel 620 4.6/5
Manfrotto PRO 389.99 Ban/Tilt 14.4 35 to 66.9 Pro 16 4.9/5

1- AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag (Low Price)

amazon 60inch tripod for dslr camera

An adjustable tripod with three legs and rubber feet, this tripod can support a camera as heavy as 3 kgs. It measures 25 inches, can be extended up to 60 inches and can be easily carried around in the carrying case provided and weighs a mere 1.2 Kgs. It is compatible with most of the video cameras, GoPro devices, still cameras, digital cameras and even smart phone adapters. It facilitates very good shots with its 2 levels of built in bubble view and the 3 way head. This head has the option to tilt or swivel with both landscape and portrait modes.

Buy: AmazonBasics 60-inch Tripod [Cheap Price & Good Quality]

2- Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch 

Dolica Tripod 62 inch

Made of 62 inches of aluminum, this tripod weighs about 4 pounds and can support a camera weight of 1.3 Lbs. With four legs and rubber feet and quick release leg lock, this tripod can be used anywhere and on any surface. This is a perfect equipment to be used when you are clicking action photographs, which require both a steady focus as well as quick change of spots. It also has a ball head and a quick release plate, where you can unlock your camera from, were there a need for you to handle the camera manually, without wasting much time.

Buy: Dolica 62 inch Tripod & Ball Head [Amateur Choice]

3- Ravelli APGL4

Ravelli Tripod for DSLR cameras

With a quick release camera plate and a tilt adjustment head with a pistol grip, this tripod facilitates steady and well focused photographs. The quick release leg locks make it easy to adjust the height as required. The invertible center column also enables you to reach more height when compared to regular tripods without this feature. This tripod can be used on any surface as the rubber and spiked feet are included and can be interchanged as needed. Made of aluminum, this tripod weighs a full 8 pounds that make it a little difficult to carry around. it also comes with an accessories bag that can contain all your camera accessories in one place.

Buy: Ravelli Pro 70" [Tripod Pistol Grip + Carry Bag]

4- MeFOTO Aluminum Roadtrip (Known As BEST TRAVEL TRIPOD)

MeFOTO tripod made by aluminum

As the name suggests, this tripod is designed to accompany you on the roads. It is a compact unit, which can be folded up and used as a monopod, without any additional tools. If you don’t have enough space, the tripod legs can be locked into different angles to fit in too. With a dual action Q series ball head and a swiss style quick release plate, your camera can be removed from the tripod easily and can also be used to click accurate panorama shots enabled by the 360 degree panning. The recessed central column hook enables to hang all those extra accessories an items you tend to carry along with your camera.

Buy: MeFOTO Travel Tripod [Only 2 left in stock & FREE Shipping]

5- Manfrotto Professional Aluminium Tripod

Professional Tripod by Manfrotto

With a 90 degree rotation, this tripod enables you to shoot from all angles. The quick power lock features allows you to set up and secure the tripod in no time. This ensures you don’t waste too much of your precious time setting up the tripod. It can easily be paired with your various camera accessories and the leg controls are very smooth. The easy link connector allows you to switch between shooting a video and photos seamlessly. You can even shift between the horizontal and vertical angles as needed. The horizontal column can be collapsed, thus making it very compact and easy to be carried around on your photo shoots.

Buy: Manfrotto aluminum tripod for Serious Photographers

6- MonoPod - AmazonBasics 67-Inch

simple Monopod 67 inch for dslr camera

This tripod has four legs and can be extended up to 67 inches. It comes with both rubber and spiked feet that can be changed as per your requirement. This allows you to use the tripod on various surfaces. It has an adjustable wrist strap and a cushioned grip, which ensures the tripod is safely secured in your hands and does not slip and fall. Made out of aluminum, this monopod weighs a mere 363 grams. You can use your still cameras, video cameras and even scopes. It comes with an attractive tote bag, to carry the tripod around in style.

Buy: AmazonBasics 67 inch Monopod [3% OFF]

7- Other Types Of Compatible Nikon Tripod

Here is a short review of some of the other types of tripods available in the market. 

A- Flexible Tripod for Digital SLR Cameras

flexible tripod for dslr

An easy to set up, strong and light weight tripod – this is designed to hold professional cameras up to 6.6 lbs in weight.

Buy: GorillaPod with Ball Head [33% OFF - SAVE $29.96 & FREE Shipping]

B- Flexible Small Mini Camera Tripod

flexible small mini tripod

With three flexible legs and non slip dots, this tripod can be used to support DSLR cameras as heavy as 2.6 pounds.

Buy: Mini Flexible Camera Tripod

C- Tabletop Tripod

Tabletop Tripod

With a three way tilt head and quick release plate, this high quality tripod is lightweight and easily portable. It also comes with a easy to carry in case.

Buy: TableTop Tripod [Free Shipping]

D- Mini Tripod Tabletop Stand

mini hand grip and table top tripod for dslr

The Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod is sturdy and light weight, making it easily portable. 
Altura Photo Mini Tripod Tabletop Stand is also lightweight and portable, which can be used to capture both still photos and videos.

Buy: Altura Photo or Manfrotto [36% OFF] Mini hand Tripod

Some Important Tripod Accessories

A- Tripod Bag (Case)

Tripod case is very useful, it can help you to carry your tripod while you travel, also protect it when you don't use it, so if your tripod does not has a bag, you can choose one from Here (Different types and sizes).

B- Wireless Remote Control: 

wireless remote control for dslr tripod

Now you can click photos even when you are away from your camera. This eliminates vibration and improves the quality.

Buy: Wireless Remote Control [Cheap Price]

C- Tripod ball head: 

This allows the camera to rotate a full 360 degrees and click photos in various angles. It can be attached to the tripod with ease.

Buy: Ball Heads [Different types and Designs]

D- Tripod Dolly for Camera: 

Tripod dolly for cameras

With full metal bearing and rubber wheels, this tripod dolly can be used for shoot both photos and videos.

Buy: Ravelli Pro Tripod Dolly [Smooth Roll & Durable]

E- Tripod Action Fluid Drag Head: 

Tripod Action Fluid Drag Head

The drag head allows you to change the direction and angle of the camera with one swift motion and click pictures with ease.

Buy: Drag Heads [Different Styles and Designs]

F- Tripod Quick Release Plate (Quick Release System): 

This allows you to attach and detach your camera to and from the tripod with ease. This saves a lot of time. Buy One Here [Different Designs].

I- Camera LED Panel light: 

Camera Led Panel light

Sometimes you require more light for those perfect shots and to capture all the details. This LED panel provides sufficient lighting to shoot both videos and photos.

Buy: NEEWER 160 LED [Perfect Quality - Only 17 Left in Stock]

J- Hot Shoe Level Triple Bubble Level for all DSLR Cameras: 

tripod Triple Bubble

This is compatible with many SLR and DSLR cameras. It is perfect for landscape, architecture and even panoramic photos.

Buy: Triple Bubble Level For All DSLR [55% OFF]

Using a tripod can help in many ways. It reduces the shake, helps you focus better and get the much needed depth for all those perfectly times shots. Ensure you are clear about your requirements before you select a tripod. Always go in for a more practical model than the expensive models. When the perfect tripod is selected, it can be a treat to click photos with them.

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