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Introduction to the "The Zen of Photography (Free & Online Photography Courses for beginners & amateur) by BenoThePhotographer".

What you will learn in this course and who is it for?

Hey everyone and welcome to The Zen of Photography by BenothePhotographer, in this part, we will discuss who this course for, and what we will learn around this course.

Who’s this course for?

It’s for anyone who wants to take better photos (Amateur, travelers, Job-seekers, anyone with a camera or smartphone) whether you take your smartphone out for the night or taking a 6-month adventure around the world, and you want to take better photos and documents your travel; Or maybe you are an amateur photographer, and you already have some basics, but you want to learn a new skills and learning what it takes to start on a photography business, and staring making money from your photos.

What will we be covering in this free photography course?

  • First, we will be starting out with the basics of photography, give you a little bit of history, then we start understanding the camera, and go through exactly how the camera work.
  • We talk about purchasing a camera and its equipment’s that you might need as a photographer
  • We cover the camera analyzing, and dive deep into the setting, for you really take controls of how you take photos, we also talk about things like stabilization, composition, lighting, different lenses; All things that help you to take better photos and understand photography.
  • We cover the different situation that you might be in and cover how to photograph them properly.
  • A fun section will be mobile photography, where we learn how to take a better photo with your cell phone, 
  • Finally, we’re going to dive in multiple ways to make money with photography, starting a wedding photography business, or even selling your photos online.

I hope you are ready.

Quick Access:

1.Section one:

This is a huge section, Where you will learn a lot of things from EXPOSURE that include « the exposure triangle of aperture, shutter speed, ISO » ; We will also talking about focus, how do you get focused, but also how you know when you want things to not be in focus, how do you think so far out of focus ; Then we will talk about different things like shooting fast objects, shooting in low light and even shooting at light.

"When you are guided by an experienced photographer, you will know that pursuing photography will be a delightful experience and a worthwhile adventure" - BenoThePhotographer 

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