The most sought-after Nikon D3400 Accessories

List of accessories for Nikon D3400

The Nikon D3400 is a revolutionary piece of equipment; However camera accessories can be the way to capture that magical shot that you’ve always been looking for. In our range of accessories we’ve got everything from camera lenses to long lasting batteries to sturdy tripods; we’ve got it all!

I. Essential Accessories:

Without them you can not get any photo or video.
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1. Nikon D3400 Lenses: 

Nikon D3400 lenses

Nikon D3400 lenses are one of the top priority accessories that you will need to capture that outstanding photo you’ve always been hoping for, from the widest lense to comprehend the most stunning of images, to the high quality photo lenses to really absolve that crisp photo you’ve been hunting for.

You can read this separate article, where we cover all the Nikon D3400 compatible lenses from kit lens to fish lenses for fun photography.

2. Nikon D3400 memory card:

dslr camera memory card

We’ve all been there when we are trying to capture the ultimate photo and you just don’t quite have enough space to comprehend your masterpiece photo you’ve always wanted.

You don’t have to worry anymore because the memory cards come in a range of sizes from 8, 16 or even 32GB of storage space! If that's not enough to capture the photos/videos you love to take then you can pick up a 64 or even 128GB memory card, with ultra fast speeds and minute size you can snap on the go!

Buy: We Recommend Lexar Pro SDHC UHS-I/U1 But you can see some other brands by Clicking Here.

Other Useful Memory card Accessories: 
i. Card reader:
memory card reader

A 3.0 card reader is a must to quickly read the data inside your memory card.

ii. Card Holder:
memory card holder

Card Holder is a simple but effective accessory that can gather all your different memory cards in one place, so they can stay safe and organized. They come in variety of options, from normal to fancy one with Water-Resistant and Anti-shock.

3. Nikon D3400 replacement battery & charger:

Nikon D3400 replace batteries and charger

When you are on the go you can now shoot video all day long without the worry of running out of battery with the long lasting Replacement Battery and Charger! This will allow you the flexibility of multiple takes until you get the perfect shot.

Buy: Trusted Replacement battery for D3400

II. Recommended Accessories:

Secondary but still important to have the best photography experience.

1. Nikon D3400 Tripod:

tripod for nikon d3400

The tripod is one of the most important accessories due to camera shake and this allows you to get great Photo/Video without reducing the quality! Nikon D3400 Tripods, tall or wide,  they have what you need to get a top down angle on the photo to short tripods to time lapse a video or to carry around on the move.

Read: My article about Top 7 Tripods of the year.

2. Protection accessories: 

Are you ever worried of your expensive high quality camera or lense being broken while on the go looking for the best shots?

A. Nikon D3400 case, bag, and backpack:

DSLR bag backpack

There are different ways to store your camera including  the case, belt case , backpack and bag.

The backpack is perfect for long trip, or hiking where it will allows you to carry one or two DSLR body, multiple lenses, multiple batteries and memory cards, also a tripod, while the best option is letting your back carry all the weight of the gears, and keep your hands free.

In the other hand, a camera case allows you to put in a full size DSLR camera with only one short lense and some small accessories (Memory card, batteries etc). Perfect choice for on the move action! short trips, shooting around the city or the park.

Buy: Camera bags (different styles and forms)

B. Nikon D3400 Underwater Case & Bag:

underwater dslr pouch case

For the adventurous type there is a Waterproof case/bag which will allow you to protect your camera from water damage, so you can experience underwater photography without upgrade your dslr body.

C. Nikon D3400 Shoulder, Neck strap and grips:

Nikon D3400 shoulder neck hand strap

For people who like to have their camera out and ready for action but would prefer to not be occupying your hands with your camera all day, there are a selection of straps for your Nikon D3400 such as:

i. The shoulder & neck strap: This will allow you to hold the camera while walking around but not having to carry it in your hands.
ii. The grip strap: Which will make sure you do not drop your precious, expensive camera
iii.The pistol grip w/ trigger: Allowing you to hold it like a pistol for ease and efficiency.

D. Lenses Protecting pouch set:

Lenses pouch set

We all know that lenses are very fragile and expensive, so you could lose them really easily, that's why i list this practical solution.

Their work is basic, just remove the lens, clean it from dust, and protect it using the right size pouch set; easy and safe isn’t it?

Buy: Pouch set for lenses

E. Camera Skin:

Camera skin

Camera Skin, made of silicon is For the people who like to give their devices a nice protective layer from fingerprints, dust...etc

F. Camera Stretchy wrap:

Camera Stretchy wrap

Personally i really love this accessory, because it gives the ultimate protection while you store your equipment from dust, shocks and much more. buy a stretchy wrap from here.

I. Rain cover for Nikon D3400:

Rain cover for Nikon D3400

Rain cover is a must have accessory when you need a cinematic shot in the wet conditions but don’t want to break your camera in the process, allowing you to stay in the rain to get the perfect shot for an extended period of time.

3. Nikon D3400 Lightning accessories:

Light is the only thing that can dramatically improve your photo quality, so below i list the top lighting accessories to reach the desired results.

A. Nikon D3400 external flash:

Nikon D3400 external flash

The in-built flash is ok, but if you want to shoot under any low light condition, you should consider buying an external flash, it has a very clean and bright light, that will improve your photos quality.

Buy: External flash Kit

B. Box soft for speed light:

Soft box dslr external light

Soft box allows you to have speed light and no blurry pictures due to lighting errors. they come in different sizes and colors, but white is the most used by pro photographer.

C. Light reflector:

DSLR light reflectors

Light reflectors will allows you to stay on top of the game and not have other light sources ruin your picture, blending light sources can make your picture look old and non-professional.

D. Nikon D3400 lens filters:

Lens filters for nikon d3400

Lens filters will keep the dust from getting into your lens which can save your camera from facing focusing issues, but the main role is to changing the lighting and shooting experience using different filters colors and modes.

4. Nikon D3400 cleaning accessories:

cleaning accessories

Dust will install above your lenses and camera body, leaving it there will results in ugly images and technical errors in the future, so there are a range of cleaning accessories you can get such as Pen, Air blow, cloths etc which will save you time and the risk of breaking your gears.

All the items in the kit are specially designed for cameras and are the best solution to a dirty lens/camera.

Buy: Cleaning kit for D3400

5. Nikon D3400 Guide, book, tutorial:

A.Cheat sheet:

Nikon Cheat sheet

The Nikon DSLR Cheat sheets are one of the easiest ways to understand and get used to the cameras complicate setting, it is waterproof, easy to carry in your pocket, and it simplify the setting for you, so you do not need to check the web or the help section in your camera.

B. Nikon D3400 for dummies:

Nikon D3400 for dummies

This Book is the only recommended guide to master this camera, it will guide you from complete newbie to a professional in term of using setting, and manual mode.

C. Online Photography Courses:

We offer free online photography courses so you can learn how to become the picasso of photography in the comfort of your own home.

However we also write an article about the top 6 paid online photography courses, These courses are the most money efficient and will get you the most ‘bang for your buck’. So don’t worry because we’ve got your back!

6. USB Cable:


USB Data Cable looks like a silly accessory, but if you forger your card reader, or you haven't enough time to remove the memory card, take photos, then bring back into the camera, this cable come in handy, it will allows you to connect the DSLR directly with the computer, so you can charge the battery and download your data.

7. Wireless Shutter release:

wireless shutter

Wireless shutter are small accessories allows you to take photos without touching your camera, so if you buy a tripod, consider adding this item, it will be useful.

8. Screen protectors:

Nikon DSLR Protecting screen

By purchasing a Screen Glass protector (pack of 3) you will keep your screen protected from your finger prints, oil, sweat ...

9. Photography Accessories Kit: 

accessories bundle for nikon d3400

If you want to buy multiple accessories but find that you’re spending more than you should be or hate purchasing multiple products one by one, you can purchase the Accessories kit, made and tested by pro photographers. This includes the essentials for your Nikon D3400 Camera to get you started!

Buy: D3400 Accessories Kit and save Time & Money.

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