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““The camera is my tool and through it I give a reason to everything around me””- Andre’ Kertsez.
This is true for those who are passionate about photography and are willing to learn the finer details of the craft while pursuing it as a hobby.

In this time and age, you see every second person using a DSLR camera and they treat it like they would a normal “point and shoot” type of camera. 

Many hobbyists don’t really understand the baffling acronyms such as AF-S, HSM, FX and AF DXII which is found on the side of the camera. 

When you want to invest in a good DSLR but are daunted by questions like, what is the best entry level DSLR body for a beginner like me? What lens is compatible with my DSLR camera body? I have created this website helps you solve those basic questions and help make the right buy for those who are passionate about pursuing photography.

When I forayed into the world of photography I had an innate but basic understanding of DSLR photography. In my quest to further explore the world of photography I went online to find out a little more information about what I needed to get myself started. I did a little research and got myself a DSLR camera. But the problem was that I got the wrong information from an unqualified seller, and I ended up by buying the wrong DSLR camera. 

As a beginner I had difficulty operating the camera and it resulted in very low quality photos and I began disliking the entire experience of taking photos. As a novice, I did not know a thing about how to work the settings on a camera, the letters on the side of the camera made no sense to me and it seemed very complicated to operate. 

I thought I could fix the problem by buying an expensive lens. I read online that camera lenses are responsible for the quality of the picture, as much this was true, expensive does not mean that it was the right fit. To rub salt into my wounds, I made a wrong investment yet again; I bought a lens worth $400 that was incompatible with the DSLR body that gave me terrible photos. It made me hate photography and I thought this was not meant for me. 

I gave up on photography altogether, till I had met an old timer who is an expert photographer and a seasoned one in this craft. He taught me everything I needed to know about photography, helped me buy the right equipment, DSLR lens and DSLR accessories and I went back to photography all over with a renewed passion. So, here I am now, helping you to avoid the mistakes I did. 

For a beginner, it’s important to start with the right DSLR camera. 

This website will guide you with the kind of lens you should be using and will help decode the letters and numbers on the side of the lens barrel, the kind of DSLR specifications such as: megapixels, size of the sensor, and the ability of the camera to shoot in low light, screen type and its quality, the aspects that you need to take into consideration when choosing the right type of entry level DSLR.

Whether you need to choose a Zoom Lens versus a Prime lens? How do you select a lens with the right focal length, when you want to shoot for portrait photography? All questions answered in a clear, crisp as well as detailed. 

I had once walked down the same road, and I am sure that this website will give you the best advice and will guide you in making the right investment when buying a DSLR camera. When you are guided by an experienced photographer like me, you will know that pursuing photography will be a delightful experience and a worthwhile adventure.

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